Toy Crazy: 2017 Ringside Fest’s WWE Mattel Announcements [PHOTOS]

There are only a few times a year when Mattel announces and debuts upcoming WWE action figures. San Diego Comic-Con and Ringside Fest are the two of the biggest events with the most upcoming WWE action figure reveals. This year’s Ringside Fest in NYCC did not disappoint.

We already saw some of the figures at San Diego Comic-Con, so I’ll skip most of those in this post. I want to focus on the figures we didn’t know anything about or figures we haven’t seen in prototype form.

We already know that Target has NXT basics and elites and Hall of Fame elite exclusives, Walmart has the ‘THEN NOW FOREVER’ elites and basics, as well as an occasional Build-A-Figure line and Toys R Us has a multiple exclusives per year. It looks like WWE Shop will also get in on the Elite exclusive fun this upcoming year.

Check out some photos of some of the Mattel’s new WWE stuff coming out in late-2017 and early-to-mid-2018.

Virgil (Toys R Us) – This is the Toys R Us exclusive that was released at New York Comic Con, but is expected to be found in stores soon. You can pre-order it as we speak and this Virgil looks like a cool figure.

WWE Elite 56 – Here are four figures set to be released in WWE Elite 56. First elites of Karl Anderson and Jack Gallagher, first Gallows elite in around five years and a pretty cool AJ Styles elite. This should be a hot series at retail.

NXT Elite series 3 (Target) – This series is loaded with some cool figures. You have three debut NXT attires of Roman Reigns, Alexander Rusev and Ember Moon. The Bobby Roode elite has the new NXT Championship title.

NXT Basic series 3 (Target) – I’m not sure if these will be in the NXT basic series, but it makes sense. They’ve recently been putting first time NXT basics in this set. It’s nice to see Billie Kay finally get a figure (where’s Peyton Royce, Mattel?) and Roderick Strong is getting a figure pretty fast by usual NXT standards.

‘Then Now Forever’ series 4 elites (Walmart) – This set has a Summerslam feel to it, which is a bit odd considering this set will probably be out this Spring. It’s unfortunate that Yokozuna is getting a re-release, and the Ultimate Warrior is an elite version of a popular basic. The Syxx and and ‘Mean Gene’ Okerlund makes up for the other two repeats.

Walmart Build-A-Figure Basic Set (Howard Finkel) – I hope this set actually comes out. Walmart was supposed to release the Mean Gene Okerlund in this fashion, but Walmart didn’t put the other in or something. I actually like all four of the basics you need to buy to build the old school WWF announcer Howard Finkel. You get Rick Rude (which looks like the older 90’s Hasbro), Million Dollar Man (which also looks like an older 90’s Hasbro, ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton and Iraqi sympathizer heel Sgt. Slaughter.

Wrestlemania Heritage (2018) – There are four in this set, but the only two noteworthy figures are the Wrestlemania 9 Brutus Beefcake and an older school John Cena. The other two figures are a current attire Randy Orton with hoodie and another recent Kevin Owens. I do find it awkward that we are getting a figure that would be a perfect complement to a Hulk Hogan figure. I hope Hogan and WWE mend fences and we get that one day.

The Shark (Toys R Us) – I’m guess this will be getting a limited release like Virgil, Isaac Yankem and Shockmaster has received over the last two years. The Shark was a failed gimmick in WCW as a member of the Dungeon of Doom.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin – I believe this elite is due to be a Toys R Us Network Spotlight exclusive. Don’t quote me on it, but I have a feeling his is where you will find this…of not, it will be a Ringside Exclusive.

DX Shawn Michaels (Ringside) – This is the next elite exclusive from Ringside collectibles. This one will be a hot seller. I would have liked to have seen a different headscan, but it works.

WWE Entrance Greats – Here are two early prototypes of Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy for the revamped ‘Entrance Greats’ line. The Angle looks great and as far as this Hardy is concerned, we have been waiting on it since Elite series 1.

Women’s Revolution & Hardy Boyz –  The three women set could be four with an inclusion of an orange attire’d Bayley. It’s nice to see Wendi Richter get an elite and an Edge/Lita era Lita figure. Also, the Sasha Banks is from her Eddie Guerrero-inspired Wrestlemania gear. Also, the old school Hardy Boyz should be a hot seller. The women appear to be a WWE Shop exclusive and the Hardyz are unknown at the moment.

Here are some other random sneak peaks we saw…

This is just a smattering of random upcoming figures from re-issues like Rikishi, to new figures of current wrestlers, figures from the upcoming ‘Monsters’ line and cool flashbacks like the WCW Eddie Guerrero.



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