Toy Crazy: Fall/Winter 2017 WWE Funko Releases

We covered some upcoming Funko releases back in May. Those figures are already in my collection and look fantastic. Funko is set to release even more pop vinyl figures before Christmas this year.

We have reviewed a lot of Mattel’s WWE Elite figures, but Funko has also released some pretty solid figures in the past. I’m a big collector and you can see some of my collection on my Instagram, @vintagetoybob.

I’ve plugged another site in my previous Mattel/Funko posts, but if you’re looking to order Funko figures, I’d trust I’ve bought from the seller before and he is highly reputable. The best of the best for sure. You can use code ‘AAFWWEBUNDLE‘ for free domestic shipping on any order over $36.

Here are some pictures of Funko’s Fall/Winter 2017 WWE POP! vinyl releases.

The Rock (WITH CHASE) – The Rock had a previous Funko release in his modern-day wrestling attire, but these releases come from when he became for the Corporate Champion in the Attitude Era. I love these attires choices.

Razor Ramon (WITH CHASE) – I’m a fan of these attires too, but my only nitpick is that he was never known as Razor Ramon when he was in the NWO. Since it is a choice, the box doesn’t change, so it’s something I can live with I suppose.

Braun Strowman – This is a regular series release. There wasn’t any other attire choices for Strowman since this has been his only gear since his debut. 

Alexa Bliss – This an interesting attire choice for this figure. They chose the attire she wore in NXT instead of an early main roster gear. I don’t this will ever happen, but it would be cool if Blake & Murphy were ever released, but again, there’s like a 0.00001% of that happening. Also, this is a regular series release.

Shinsuke Nakamura (Toys R Us) – This release kind of came of nowhere. We knew one was in the works, but it was randomly mentioned in a Toys R Us ad to be released in late-October. I love the pose.

Money Inc. (Walgreens) – This is the Million Dollar Man’s third Funko release…kind of nuts, but I dig the 2-pack with I.R.S. I also have to give Funko props for just not re-releasing a previous M$M in this 2-Pack. They added the Million Dollar Championship and cash in his hands. Walgreens have been knocking it out of the park with their WWE exclusives, Funko and Mattel. I actually just picked up the Enzo Amore/Big Class 2-Pack this week that was released this Summer.

Zack Ryder (New York Comic Con exclusive) – This figure was released last month at NYCC and was shared at FYE. I didn’t mention it in my Summer WW Funko releases post since it wasn’t known at that time.

Zack Ryder (Funko HQ – Limited to 500 pieces) – This is the most limited WWE Funko release to date. It was only sold at the Funko Headquarters in Seattle on October 17th. It’s already being sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars. Sadly, I doubt this one will ever find its way into my collection.

There’s always a chance there could be another release or two before the end of the year, but this is all that is known at this point. The regular series with The Rock, Razor Ramon, Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman will be out around Christmastime.

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