Love Thy Sport: Staying Interested When Boredom Sets In

OK, we all love sports. We love it unconditionally, and there’s no chance that we’ll ever turn our back on our favorite sports team! However, sometimes we’re not quite as enthused about the upcoming game as we’d like to be. Does that mean that we’ve outgrown the sport? Absolutely not. There’s nothing on earth that is endlessly entertaining, especially if we don’t shake things up! Below, we take a look at a few ways you can reignite your passion for your sport if it’s beginning to become slightly less thrilling.

Focus Down the Pecking Order

The big leagues – the NFL, the NBA, and so on – have all the drama and the best players. You’ll see players who are among the best in the world, and that’s pretty exciting. However, there’s more to sport than just being the best. In any case, sometimes the drama of the big leagues can detract from the sport; we focus too much on the story when we should be focusing on the technical side of the game. You don’t have only to watch the big games. Move further down the leagues, and you’ll see great players, often up close, and get no drama: just people playing for the love of the game.

Getting Involved

You can know a lot about a sport, but you’ll never really understand it unless you’ve played it yourself. If you also play the sport that you follow, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the talent that the pros at the top possess. Getting involved is easy, too. It can be as simple as getting together with friends for a quick game, or joining a team and testing your talents against other teams in the area. It’s slightly thrilling to have football or basketball uniforms in your wardrobe that you know you’ll be wearing on game day. It’s probably too late to become a pro, but you can still enjoy the game, and rediscover your love for it at the same time.

Find a Community

Passion breeds more passion. If you love the sport, why not find some like-minded individuals who also love the sport? You’ll learn things you didn’t know, be able to share your knowledge, and be able to celebrate wins together (or drown your sorrows as a group if you lose). There’ll likely be a supporters’ club in your city, so get in touch and find a new community (/second family!).

Make the Games Interesting

If you find yourself genuinely enthused about your sport but a little bit downcast on one particular game day, you can always find ways to make it more enjoyable. You can bet on the game with your family, for instance; nothing serious, but just things like “if they get a touchdown here, you have to cook dinner” and the like. It’s small, silly stuff, but that’s just what you need in sport from time to time!

Take the steps mentioned above, and you’ll be back being a superfan in no time at all.

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