Betting Picks: 2016 NFL Over/Under Season Wins

2015-NFL-Regular-Season-Team-Wins-Over-Under-sports-gambling-funny-bettingWe are a few days away from the start of the 2016 NFL season. This is the very last minute to start thinking about possible bets for over/under regular season team wins.

A lot can happen from now until the end of the season (injuries, coaching changes, etc). We will attempt to help you make a better decision on which teams to lay bets on.

We didn’t just look at the lines and guess at our over/under picks. We went through the entire schedule in the NFL and picked every game.

Arizona Cardinals9.5 WinsOVER

Atlanta Falcons7.5 WinsUNDER

Baltimore Ravens8.5 WinsUNDER

Buffalo Bills8 WinsUNDER

Carolina Panthers10.5 WinsOVER

Chicago Bears 7.5 WinsUNDER

Cincinnati Bengals9.5 WinsOVER

Cleveland Browns4.5 WinsOVER

Dallas Cowboys8 WinsPUSH

Denver Broncos9.5 WinsUNDER

Detroit Lions7 WinsUNDER

Green Bay Packers11 WinsOVER

Houston Texans8.5 WinsOVER

Indianapolis Colts9 WinsPUSH

Jacksonville Jaguars7.5 WinsOVER

Kansas City Chiefs9.5 WinsUNDER

Los Angeles Rams7.5 WinsUNDER

Miami Dolphins7 WinsPUSH

Minnesota Vikings8.5 WinsUNDER

New England Patriots10.5 WinsOVER

New Orleans Saints7.5 WinsUNDER

New York Giants8 WinsUNDER

New York Jets7.5 WinsUNDER

Oakland Raiders8.5 WinsOVER

Philadelphia Eagles6.5 WinsOVER

Pittsburgh Steelers10.5 WinsOVER

San Diego Chargers7.5 WinsUNDER

San Francisco 49ers5.5 WinsUNDER

Seattle Seahawks10.5 WinsOVER

Tampa Bay Buccaneers7.5 WinsUNDER

Tennessee Titans5.5 WinsUNDER

Washington Redskins7.5 WinsOVER


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