Which NFL Team Will Johnny Manziel Play For in 2016?

johnny-football-manziel-cleveland-browns-houston-texans-nflThe Cleveland Browns basically shut the door on the ‘Johnny Football Era’ in Cleveland. After finding a video of Johnny Manziel partying during the bye week in Austin, Texas, the Browns who just announced that he would be the starting quarterback going forward, immediately demoted him to third-string.

If the Cleveland Browns were to cut Manziel after the season, there would still be a handful of teams waiting in line to either claim him or possibly trade a late-round pick to the Browns. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of him.

Which NFL teams could be a possible landing spot for Manziel?

Houston Texans – They don’t have a quarterback of the future currently on the team. This year’s NFL Draft doesn’t have a ton of ‘can’t miss’ quarterbacks. They might end up needing to give Manziel a shot.

Buffalo Bills – Is Tyrod Taylor Buffalo’s franchise quarterback? I don’t think he’s entrenched in that role. Rex Ryan isn’t one to shy away from a reclamation project. He once gave Tim Tebow a shot.

Dallas Cowboys – I’m not saying Manziel would take the starting job away from Tony Romo, but Dallas has had issues in the past by having a bad backup quarterback. If they had Manziel this year instead of the Weeden/Cassel combo, they could have won a game or two during Romo’s injury.

Philadelphia Eagles – Chip Kelly hasn’t gotten much from Sam Bradford this season. He could be interested in having the kind of running quarterback he had in Oregon. Kelly took some risks last offseason that haven’t paid off. He has shown he likes to gamble.

San Francisco 49ers – I added the Niners because this franchise is damn near empty at quarterback. Colin Kaepernick won’t be there next year, so they will be looking to add fresh faces.

St. Louis Rams – The Rams are also in need for a few new quarterbacks. Nick Foles wasn’t much of a gamble, since it was basically a one for one deal for Sam Bradford. Jeff Fisher has had success in the past with different kinds of quarterbacks.

It’s still really early to try to guess which team Manziel will end up with next season, but we listed a few that look like the best options.

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