Johnny Manziel Retiring ‘Money Sign’ Celebration

johnny manziel money celebration cleveland browns 2015It looks like Johnny Football has officially grown up.

Johnny Manziel announced this week that he will retire the money sign celebration he made famous in college at Texas A&M. If you’re not familiar with it, you can see it here.

Manziel spent much of the offseason going through a rehab program and counseling. He even left his downtown bachelor pad in lieu of the suburbs.

His rookie season was a disaster and there was even talk during the recent draft that the Cleveland Browns could draft another quarterback.

Could we soon see the emergence of ‘John Football’?

I was one of the first Johnny Manziel haters. I thought he was cocky and abrasive during the Alabama game that started his push to stardom. I dislike Nick Saban, a lot, so it takes a lot to make me root for him. He went onto win the Heisman trophy that season. The offseason after that, he blitzed all over America and showed up at every major event like the NBA Finals and Super Bowl. It was a bit much.

Since winning the Heisman, Manziel has acted like a spoiled teenager. He had an autograph scandal that could have cost him his eligibility and started gaining a ton of douche-tastic Hollywood friends like Drake and Justin Bieber. Need photo proof?

manziel bieber tyrese mayweather

He should have lost his eligibility just from this photo.

I will give Manziel the benefit of the doubt one last time. I was once a dumb 22-year-old kid and I did a lot of stupid things…with a lot less money. He has taken the right steps by moving out of downtown, quitting all his late-night activities and sticking his nose in a playbook. We wish him the best.

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