Ranked: All 95 Weezer Songs Ranked

Weezer Blue Album Pinkerton Maladroit RankedRolling Stone recently ranked every Nirvana song as a tribute on the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. This inspired me to do the same with a few of my favorite artists.

I’ve been a fan of Weezer since I heard my brother playing his “Blue Album” cassette tape. I’ve saw them in concert a few times since and they are still one of my favorite bands of all-time.

We’ve ranked all 95 songs Weezer have released on standard albums. If I added all their B-sides and covers, this list would be a lot longer…and their track “Susanne” would be very high.

Here is our ranked list of all 85 Weezer songs in descending order…and we’ve included some videos.

95. “Time Flies” (Hurley)
94. “Cold Dark World” (Red Album)
93. “Everyone” (Death To False Metal)
92. “Losing My Mind” (Death To False Metal)
91. “Automatic” (Red Album)
90. “In The Mall” (Raditude)
89. “I’m A Robot” (Death To False Metal)
88. “Thought I Knew” (Red Album)
87. “Freak Me Out” (Make Believe)
86. “Run Away” (Hurley)
85. “My Best Friend” (Make Believe)
84. “Everybody Get Dangerous” (Red Album)
83. “The Angel And The One” (Red Album)
82. “Tripping Down the Freeway” (Raditude)
81. “We Are All On Drugs” (Make Believe)
80. “Brave New World” (Hurley)
79. “Hang On” (Hurley)
78. “Possibilities” (Maladroit)
77. “Trainwrecks” (Hurley)
76. “Blowin’ My Stack” (Death To False Metal)
75. “Love Explosion” (Maladroit)
74. “I’m Your Daddy” (Raditude)
73. “The Girl Got Hot” (Raditude)
72. “I Don’t Want To Let You Go” (Raditude)
71. “This Is Such A Pity” (Make Believe)
70. “Odd Couple” (Death To False Metal)
69. “Slob” (Maladroit)
68. “Where’s My Sex?” (Hurley)
67. “Turning Up The Radio” (Death To False Metal)
66. “Dreamin'” (Red Album)
65. “December” (Maladroit)
64. “Glorious Day” (Green Album)
63. “Smile” (Green Album)
62. “Autopilot” (Death To False Metal)
61. “Love Is The Answer” (Raditude)
60. “Unspoken” (Hurley)
59. “Put Me Back Together” (Raditude)
58. “Smart Girls” (Hurley)
57. “Crab” (Green Album)
56. “I Don’t Want Your Loving” (Death To False Metal)
55. “Simple Pages” (Green Album)
54. “Ruling Me” (Hurley)
53. “The Other Way” (Make Believe)
52. “Fall Together” (Maladroit)
51. “American Gigolo” (Maladroit)
50. “Can’t Stop Partying” (Raditude)
49. “The Damage In Your Heart” (Make Believe)
48. “Space Rock” (Maladroit)
47. “Haunt You Every Day” (Make Believe)
46. “Why Bother?” (Pinkerton)
45. “Falling For You” (Pinkerton)
44. “Let It All Hang Out” (Raditude)
43. “O Girlfriend” (Green Album)
42. “Knockdown Dragout” (Green Album)
41. “Peace” (Make Believe)
40. “Troublemaker” (Red Album)
39. “Heart Songs” (Red Album)
38. “Getchoo” (Pinkerton)
37. “Slave” (Maladroit)
36. “Memories” (Hurley)
35. “Pork And Beans” (Red Album)
34. “Unbreak My Heart” (Death To False Metal)
33. “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You) I Want You To” (Raditude)
32. “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” (Red Album)
31. “Burndt Jamb” (Maladroit)
30. “Trampoline” (Death To False Metal)
29. “Death And Destruction” (Maladroit)
28. “Don’t Let Go” (Green Album)
27. “Take Control” (Maladroit)
26. “Beverly Hills” (Make Believe)
25. “Tired Of Sex” (Pinkerton)
24. “Across The Sea” (Pinkerton)
23. “My Name Is Jonas” (Blue Album)
22. “Dope Nose” (Maladroit)
21. “Pardon Me” (Make Believe)
20. “Hold Me” (Make Believe)
19. “Perfect Situation” (Make Believe”
18. “Keep Fishin'” (Maladroit)
17. “Hash Pipe” (Green Album)
16. “Surf Wax America” (Blue Album)
15. “No One Else” (Blue Album)
14. “The World Has Turned And Left Me Here” (Blue Album)
13. “No Other One” (Pinkerton)
12. “In The Garage” (Blue Album)
11. “Undone (The Sweater Song)” (Blue Album)

10. “Island In The Sun” (Green Album)

9. “Holiday” (Blue Album)

7. “The Good Life” (Pinkerton)

6. “Photograph” (Green Album)

5. “Butterfly” (Pinkerton)

4. “Pink Triangle” (Pinkerton)

3. “Buddy Holly” (Blue Album)

2. “Say It Ain’t So” (Blue Album)

1. “Only In Dreams” (Blue Album)

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