Kurt Angle Arrested for DWI…Again

Kurt-Angle-Mugshot-2013TNA superstar and former gold medal Olympic wrestler Kurt Angle was arrested for DWI in Texas last night. This is his fourth alcohol-related arrest in six years.

He went to Twitter this morning and vowed to seek the help he needs and to enter rehab. He added, “I can beat this” and we hope he does as well.

The timing of Angle’s arrest couldn’t come at a worse time professionally. He is set to be the second inductee into the ‘TNA Hall of Fame’ in October and is currently in the middle of a major storyline on Impact Wrestling television program. He has a large role in a stable called the ‘Main Event Mafia’ which is feuding with another stable, ‘Aces & Eights’. It is unknown at this time if he will be going into an inpatient or outpatient rehab program.

We breakdown some of the events in Angle’s life that started his downward spiral.

In 2006, Angle was granted an early release from his WWE contract. He stated that he had health issues he needed to get straighten out and couldn’t take the necessary time off if he was contracted with WWE. The exact health problem was never released, but all rumors point to painkiller addiction. He did have several neck issues dating back before he wrestled in the 1996 Olympics with a broken neck. The rumors have never been confirmed, but other WWE talent have hinted the rumors were true.

In 2007, in a Sports Illustrated investigation in a clinic that supplied human growth hormone and anabolic steroids to professional wrestlers, Angle’s name appeared in the findings along with ten other professional wrestlers. Based on client records, Angle received prescriptions for Trenbolone (steroid used on livestock) and nandrolone, both anabolic steroids. He denied ever receiving them, but WWE admitted he did once fail a drug test for steroids, but due to an expired prescription for steroids. He never failed a drug test for pain medication.

After his WWE release, Angle signed with TNA Wrestling. He started off strong winning the NWA Championship soon after his signing and was very ‘over’ with their fans.

His first alcohol-related arrest came in 2007 when he was pulled over after a woman claimed he almost hit her while leaving a local restaurant. He denied the charges and was later cleared of the charge in 2008.

Later in 2008, his marriage failed. His wife Karen, who was a personality in TNA, filed for divorce. She went on to be in a relationship with fellow TNA wrestler Jeff Jarrett. I’m not saying this would lead to his future arrests, but this had to be difficult.

While under a contract with TNA, his other arrests came in early-2011 and late-2011, both alcohol-related. He was fined $250 (plus $225 court fees) for his second arrest and $1500 for his third.

Angle has since remarried and had a child with his new wife. His life appears to be much better after his divorce. This could be one poor decision after straightening himself out. We hope that is the case. Alcoholism isn’t treated by changing your surroundings or relationships, it’s something you need to seek professional help to cope with day-to-day life with the disease.

Before last night’s arrest, there has been some buzz that Angle could end up signing for one last run in the WWE, once his TNA contract expires, and would later be inducted in their Hall of Fame at a much later date. Due to WWE’s ‘PG Era’, this could hurt his shot at ending his career there.

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