NHL Talk: Trade Deadline Special

Marian+Gaborik+Blue+JacketsTwo hockey guys talking hockey.

Joe Pasquali and Eddie Theisen are two die-hard NHL fans. They both watch every hockey game, every night (almost).

The guys talk about the NHL trade deadline and which teams are the winners and losers.

My Columbus Blue Jackets were really active, but the pieces they traded in exchange for Marian Gaborik could leave diehard fans a bit sad. They traded away three homegrown talents for only 1.5 guaranteed seasons of Gaborik.

This is their email conversation this afternoon.

Pasquali: GOOD MORNING, EDDIE. I miss you

Theisen: Didn’t realize it was ‘National Coming Out Day’.

Pasquali: It is actually “National Find a Rainbow Day”. And I know you’ve missed me as well, don’t play coy. I’ve seen the missed calls at 3 AM.

Theisen: That was once and I was drunk and it was Valentine’s Day

Pasquali: Once that you remember. Anyways, let’s look at the current state of the league.


Pasquali: Winnipeg is trying like hell to give their division to Washington. Toronto is on a 4 game win streak despite being the Maple Leafs, Chicago can’t beat Anaheim, and the Flyers have somehow won two in a row.

Theisen: Washington is playing great and will probably win another Southeast Division Title, thanks to the Jets and Hurricanes collapses. What kind of world are we living in when the Maple Leafs are 7 points into a playoff spot with 12 to play. They must have a 1-10-1 stretch coming up. Flyers still have a slim chance, but I can’t see them leap frogging that many teams. All about the Islanders now. Jarome Iginla scores his first as a Penguin as Pittsburgh falls 4-1 to Buffalo. Must have felt like he never left Calgary.

Pasquali: How does that happen? Buffalo is one of the worst teams in the league but they dominated the Penguins. Sure, Pittsburgh was missing Crosby but they have plenty of firepower to handle the Sabres. Islanders and Devils are clinging to the 8th spot, with New Jersey looking like the team to lose out. They are 3-3-4 and over the weekend lost to Tampa Bay and Florida (in a shootout and OT). Yeah, they got a point in each but the Lightning and (my) Panthers suck.

As for Philly, they looked dead in the water, but when you beat Boston and Washington in back to back games, that will raise some eyebrows. Will the Flyers get in the playoffs? No, playoff teams usually have a goalie on their roster.

Theisen: The Penguins had won 15 straight, Joe. They’re allowed one bad game here and there. The Sabres are also in desperation mode right now to make the playoffs and with that win are 5 points back now. The Flyers are 6 points out with 13 games to play. The Flyers will probably have to go 11-2 from here on out, they may be able to get away with 10-3. I don’t see it happening.

Pasquali: Still, out of all of the teams to break the streak, it was Buffalo? Then again, Colorado stopped the Avalanche and saved your nuts. Terrible teams can do great things.

Theisen: That’s why we watch the game. If not, we’d give it to Sidney Crosby every year.

Pasquali: Well today is trade deadline day. A national holiday in the country of Canada. What moves do you think will happen? There is word that the Flyers and Coyotes are talking about Yandle moving. Would you take the over or under on 12.5 trades today?

Theisen: Under. There are about only 2 or 3 teams that are out of playoff contention and it’s so tight no one wants to give any help to other teams. Plus we’ve already seen names like Iginla, Jagr and Morrow go. I expect it to be quiet, but there may be a couple big trades. I can’t see how the Coyotes possibly move him. They’re asking way too much for him. The asking price was top 6 forward, prospects and a first round pick. You’d have to be absolutely desperate to give that much for Yandle. He’s a great defenseman, just not worth that much.

Pasquali: So out of the moves that happened yesterday, which do you think will have the most impact? Boston adding Jagr gives them so much freaking size. Imagine going into a corner with Jagr and Chara. Derek Roy isn’t a headline grabbing addition, but he could be a really nice fit in Vancouver.

Theisen: Derek Roy signing in Vancouver completely impacts the Luongo trade. The Canucks were in serious need of a center, now they have that with Roy. The Leafs would’t have to give them a center now, say someone named Bozak or Grabovski. Maybe there is a little more room for Luongo now to be traded

Pasquali: Theisen: Where have you been?

Once again, McDonald’s thinks there are no more white people that live on earth

Pasquali: Ohhhhh, I thought those were commercials for the new Fast and Furious movie or something. I try to zone them out

Theisen: At first I thought it was Gone in 60 Seconds

Pasquali: OK, 1 Spicy McChicken it is. No fries? Drink? Could bet a combo meal and get real crazy

Theisen: Ok, Spicy McChicken combo meal it is. I’m pretty sure our Zach Parise and Paul Stastny penalty minute bet is tied right now.

Pasquali: Yes, 2-2! Zach got a Slashing penalty in the Wild’s loss to Dallas over the weekend. Zach is a bad, bad man.

Theisen: I kind of want a Peter Stastny jeresey so I’m pulling for Paulie

Pasquali: Hey Ericsson had a game to remember Sunday.

Theisen: Yeah, he’s such a defensive stud, -5 as the Red Wings lost 7-1. He was a +2 Monday against the Av’s, but was still terrible. He had a horrible turnover at Detroit’s blue line that led to him having to take a penalty in which Colorado scored on. Then, he unecessarily ices the puck with 11 seconds left in the game, which almost led to the tying goal if it wasn’t for Jimmy Howard bailing them out again.

Pasquali: Yeah, Howard was stellar late in that game as Detroit tried to give away points to Colorado. Hey, first trade of the day! Scott Hannan leaves Nashville for San Jose.

Theisen: Real blockbuster trade too. A conditional 7th rounder. Jussi Jokinen to Pittsburgh. That should make the Penguins have more trades than the Panthers have wins this season

Pasquali: For such an already loaded team they make a lot of moves. Can you see this hurting team chemistry at all?

Theisen: It can, but I don’t think it will. Jokinen may not play much either. Jokinen goes for a 7th rounder… but if he plays in 50% of Pittsburgh’s playoff games and they win the cup it becomes a 6th rounder. Look out now

Pasquali: Haha, do you think Pittsburgh is just buying players to keep them away from their competition?

Theisen: I don’t know, but if Ray Shero doesn’t win the GM of the year, I don’t know who else possibly could.

Pasquali: Are GM’s even doing their jobs?!? I got a Spicy McChicken combo meal on the line and people are sitting on their hands! GET TO WORK. MAKE TRADES. BRING ME CHAOS.

Theisen: Four trades so far and there is an hour left. May be getting a delicious meal coming my way

I don’t drink pop, but get me a Sprite

Pasquali: This ain’t over baby. NOOOO Jerred Smithson left my beloved Panthers for Edmonton. But we got a 4th round pick… which translates to another mediocre minor league player who will never play for Florida. Which is pretty bad.

Theisen: And you lose the many faces of Smithson too


Pasquali: I hate when I am feeling Moustache

Theisen: His sad face is my favorite

Ben Bishop has just been traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning. This could greatly help their goaltending problems

Pasquali: So Tampa Bay now has two monster goalies in Lindback who is 6’6″ and now Bishop who is 6’7″. When they don’t make the playoffs they are going to have one sick intermural basketball squad.

Theisen: They can play the aggressive in the paint against the Flyers.

Pasquali: For NHL fans who don’t watch baseball, they need some type of league during the summer. I’d suggest NHL Golf Scrambles, where hockey players just get drunk and fight each other on the course.

Theisen: Well that’d be perfect for the Maple Leafs. I just read the Lightning traded Cory Conacher and a 4th rounder for Ben Bishop. Concacher was a leading candidate for rookie of the year? Yzerman must be serious about his goaltending situation

Pasquali: When your team is 4th in the league in scoring but only beating Florida in the standings, you have to change something. Not to be a jerk to warm weather teams, but it is sort of refreshing in the East to see teams with actual fans doing well. At the top, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Winnipeg, Boston, Toronto. At the bottom, Florida and Tampa Bay, teams that even during great seasons don’t pack the building.

Theisen: Definitely makes for better playoffs. I am praying for a Winnipeg vs Toronto first round playoffs. That would be maybe the loudest first round series ever

Pasquali: By the way, did you see the Dougie Hamilton hit last night? Great shot and then moments later Boston scored the game winner.

Theisen: That was one of the more entertaining games of the season. Lot of action and some great plays from both teams. The Bruins have won every meeting this season against the Senators and each win has been by 1 goal.

Pasquali: Did you see my Canadiens completed their season sweep of Carolina earlier this week? Pretty good accomplishment I’d say, though Carolina is 1-8-1 in their last ten. I don’t see them making the postseason this year.

Theisen: I’m reading now that Steve Mason has been traded to the Flyers. I think it’s safe to say Bryzgalov is not their future now.

Pasquali: Steve Mason?! Traded?! Why?? Has Philly ever seen Steve Mason play?

Even Columbus fans don’t like Steve Mason, and those are fans with zero expectations.

Theisen: I had Carolina as the 8th seed in the East this season, but it looks like it’s not going to happen. This team has nothing going for them and they’ve been quite so far at the deadline. They’ve traded away Jussi Jokinen and Jamie McBain is going to be traded today and Joni Pitkanen is out for the rest of the season. Always next year Caniacs.

Flyers going for another unproven, terrible goalie. This is just routine, Joe

Pasquali: And I believed in Harvey Dent…. Well at least Philadelphia fans have the Phillies, they have to be happy baseball just started.


(Carolina coach Kirk Muller/Aaron Eckhart)

Theisen: I’m now reading that Marion Gaborik is a Columbus Blue Jacket

Wow daddy

Pasquali: What?!?! Insanity!! I can taste that McChicken now.

Theisen: Starting to look like I’ll give you a McChicken meal. What pop do you drink?

Pasquali: Wouldn’t this be the situation that clause is meant for? When your team tries to ship you to Columbus?

Theisen: Exactly, so come on Detroit, get on this Gaborik trade and get rid of Filppula and God willing Ericsson waives his no trade clause.

Pasquali: Detroit is making no moves today, I read earlier they were going to be quiet and just enjoy getting their injured players back. Bertuzzi was skating today.

Theisen: I figured that much, now I see that Buffalo captain Jason Pominville has been traded to Minnesota.

Pasquali: MCCHICKEN!!!


Great move for Minnesota who is playing good hockey. That team is going to be a tough out in the playoffs.

Theisen: Yeah, now they seem like a real contender. They’re solid all-around except for some shaky goaltending at times

Pasquali: Dude, New York apparently gets Derek Brassard, Derek Dorsett and defenseman John Moore from Columbus. What are the Jackets doing?!?!

Worst trade Columbus as made since… Rick Nash.

Theisen: I like it for Columbus. They get an All-Star forward on their team again and didn’t have to give up names like Ryan Johansen or Cam Atkinson. I’d say this trade favors Columbus.

Pasquali: I am currently on the phone with Zach Croy who is a Jackets fan and he says “No Fucking Way”. The Jackets nation has spoken and they are not happy.

Theisen: Why? Who do they think will get them into the playoffs: Gaborik or Dorsett and Brassard? My money is on Gaborik. His talents were wasted in Tortorella’s system

Roberto Luongo reportedly skated off the ice at Canuck’s practice… Maple Leafs fans about to rejoice?

Pasquali: Maybe?! All of this stuff is just breaking and it is so exciting. I feel like I need a cigarette.

Theisen: I know I’m hitting the climax here. Remember, the trade doesn’t have to be done by 3, as long as it was in the works it can still be a legal trade.

Pasquali: In that case, us talking about Ericsson should be sufficient evidence in Detroit getting rid of him. The trade was in the works all along. Give us Eddie Pasquale from Winnipeg and two cases of beer.

Theisen: Trade Jonathan Ericsson and Kyle Quincey for Eddie Pasquale and I will rejoice and dance in the streets

Pasquali: Would we get to see the patented Theisen worm? Wow that sounded dirty.

Theisen: You know it. I want to see Luongo get traded. This would make it probably the best deadline in recent history or maybe in history.

Pasquali: You are right, we need Luongo to go to put this thing over the top. OK, we will pick this back up tomorrow and recap all of the madness. You got any plans tonight?

Theisen: It’s Wednesday, so I’m obviously getting wasted. It’s official, no Lungo trade.

Sad Panda

Pasquali: I guess that will just push you to drink further. Can you keep the calls before 2 AM tonight? A man has to sleep.

Theisen: I’ll try; my passion for you cannot be contained though.

Pasquali’s Picks (season so far 170-137)

Penguins over Rangers
Canadiens over Flyers
Oilers over Flames
Ducks over Stars
Wild over Sharks

Theisen’s Picks (season so far 171-136)

Penguins over Rangers
Flyers over Canadiens
Oilers over Flames
Ducks over Stars
Sharks over Wild

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