Review: “Point Your Face At This” by Demetri Martin

Point Your Face At This Demetri MartinIf you’re a fan of stand-up comedy, you’re very familiar with Demetri Martin’s work.

Martin uses his drawings (and many venn diagrams) to enhance his comedy on stage. Most of his art is very simple and often portrays many common phrases using the most literal definition.

Martin just released a new book called Point Your Face At This. It’s a collection of drawings in the same style of the art he uses in his comedy routine.

You could assume that a book of his drawings would only be around 100 pages. Well, Martin is giving his readers their money’s worth…this book is 288 pages!

The best thing about Point This At Your Face is each page stands alone. It’s much better than those “Cartoon-a-day” daily calendars people buy for their cubicles.

This is usually the area of a book review in which I would go in-depth about a book’s plot or theme, but this is a little different. I don’t want to spoil any of Martin’s drawings, because they’re something you have to experience yourself.

Point This At Your Face is a very cheap sticker price. The sticker price is only $12.99 and you can even find it cheaper on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Throw away the magazines and joke books you currently have sitting in your bathroom and go buy this book. You will find much more enjoyment from it.

Warning: If you put Point This At Your Face in your bathroom, you will find yourself spending more time on the toilet.

Here is Demetri Martin’s appearance on Rainn Wilson’s “Metaphysical Milkshake”

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