Sweetbob’s Hipster Music – January 2013

Sweetbob+Hipster+Music1I keep an ear out for new music. I’m used to discovering new bands from my days as a music journalist. Even though this is mostly a sports blog, I still add quite a bit of music and pop culture content.

I received a lot of great feedback from my past hipster music playlists. A lot of emails came in from readers who recommended new tracks to me, which I love. I will keep posting these as long as I keep receiving all the feedback.

I have been called a hipster on more than one occasion. I like indie music more than any other genre of music. Don’t get me wrong, I can rock out to Bon Jovi or Carley Rae Jepsen (depending on the amount of alcohol in my system).

I’ve decided to write a monthly post dedicated to introducing twelve great, new indie songs I’m currently listening to. Most of the songs are fresh and have been released in the second half of 2012, with an exception of one or two that were released towards the middle of 2012.

Your ears will thank you for reading!

If you want to listen to songs that appeared on past playlists, you can listen to our playlist on Spotify or go here to view our past hipster playlists.

On An On – “Ghosts”
Follow ‘On An On’ on Twitter: @ItsOnAnOn
Colour Coding – “Perfect”
Follow ‘Colour Coding’ on Twitter: @ColourCoding
California Wives – “Purple”
Follow ‘California Wives’ on Twitter: @CaliforniaWives
Parlovr – “You Only Want It ‘Cause You’re Lonely”
Follow ‘Parlovr’ on Twitter: @Parlovr
Bad Veins – “Don’t Run”
Follow ‘Bad Veins’ on Twitter: @BadVeins
The Eastern Sea – “The Line”
Follow ‘The Eastern Sea’ on Twitter: @TheEasternSea
Slowdance – “Boyfriend”
Follow ‘Slowdance’ on Twitter: @WeAreSlowdance
All We Are – “Cardhouse”
Follow ‘All We Are’ on Twitter: @AllWeArePA
Miniature Tigers – “Sex On the Regular”
Follow ‘Miniature Tigers’ on Twitter: @MiniatureTigers
Empires – “Homewrecked”
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Gold Motel – “Brand New Kind of Blue”
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