"The Dark Knight Rises": Would Hines Ward’s TD Count in Fantasy Football?

“The Dark Knight Rises” opens today and I’ll be one of the many people who will pack in a movie theater to watch this instant classic…but there’s something in the movie trailer that made me very curious.

First, why is Hines Ward in this movie (seriously). Secondly, would his touchdown count in fantasy football?

I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, Bobby…you really have fantasy football on your brain.” It’s true, I’ve been working on a lot of fantasy material for the site, but it’s a legitimate question.

Gotham is full of some sketchy characters. You know that sports gambling is rampant. Fantasy football has to be a multi-billion dollar industry in the DC Universe.

In our universe, we get mad when Brian Westbrook takes a knee at the goal line.

Let’s examine the photo of Ward’s touchdown. He has crossed the plane and clearly has possession. The only problem is that he is the only remaining player from either team not sucked down the sinkhole. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the game would be cancelled due to neither team being able to field a full team…oh, and the field is no longer there.

The touchdown wouldn’t count. The game wouldn’t be official since it didn’t last all four quarters.

This may cause a major uproar in the local Gotham City Fantasy Football League, but maybe Batman help settle the issue (you know, after he’s finished saving the city from being completely destroyed by Bane and Catwoman).

If you haven’t seen the trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises”, I’ve embedded it below.

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