Suck It Lebron, Cleveland Awarded Lingerie Football Team

Lebron may have taken his talents to South Beach, but the Lingerie Football League awarded an expansion team to Cleveland. They were also looking at Columbus, but Cleveland beat them out. I am sad that they didn’t pick Columbus, since I would be a season-ticket holder, but a drive up to Cleveland may need to happen. I did some research on this league and found out some facts that people need to know…also I posted some pictures of some of the players. This could be my most-read post once this is all said and done. Oh, and yes, the Cleveland Crush will be playing at Quicken Loans Arena.

Lingerie Football is 7-on-7 played in NHL, MLS, and NBA arenas and it started in 2009. It was a natural replacement for the defunct Arena League Football, right? It is full-contact with the women wearing shoulder pads and hockey-style helmets, but they’ve done away with field goals and punts. They must try for it on every fourth-down and after touchdowns, they can go for a one-point conversion on the two-yard line or a two-point conversion on the five-yard line. The field is only 50-yards long and 30-yards wide with eight-yard end zones, so it can fit in nearly any multi-sport indoor arena. They play two 17-minute halves and in case of a tie, they play an eight-minute sudden-death overtime period.

LFL League owner, Mitch Mortaza, knows his audience. He has been quoted as saying that “mostly that beer-drinking 21 year-olds and up” at the people who are the people who attend and watch the games. You can watch the games on Friday nights on MTV2. The Crush doesn’t start until the 2011-12 season and they have only had one champion so far, the Los Angeles Temptation in 2009.

Don’t worry Cleveland, you can boo and make chants when your team play the Miami Caliente. Feel free to make a Twitter account and diagram and plan chants when the Caliente score a touchdown.

Here are some pictures of the fine athletes of the Lingerie Football League. (click on photo to see full image)

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