NCAA Football – Week 2 Betting Picks

Week 1 was a lot of fun and I hope that you read my picks. I went 8-2 against the spread and I know that I at least helped out one person out. I missed on the Ohio State/Navy and Va Tech/Alabama games. See who I picked this week, I have a few locks and a possible upset brewing. Can I keep the hot streak going? Read who I pick in Week 2 of the College Football season.

A reader named Billy Horan emailed me saturday night with some good news. Apparently my picks helped him out and he sent me this email.

I just wanted to email you and thank you for writing ur college football blog lol I wasnt sure if I should do a certain bet but after reading ur blog, I did and won $150 on a parlay wirh notre dame, oklahoma state and uconn with their respective spreads. I hope it was a good night for you as well. Thanks man
I’m glad that I could help him out and I hope he has another great week coming up. Here are my picks against the spread for Week 2.

Syracuse (+28.5) at Penn State (-28.5)My pick is Syracuse

I usually stay away from point spreads over 20, but this game just screams at me. Syracuse did a pretty nice job against Minnesota and I don’t think Penn State would run up the score against the Orangemen. Penn State will win this game, but it will only be by just around three touchdowns.

Notre Dame (-3) at Michigan (+3)My pick is Notre Dame

It looks like little Jimmy Claussen has grown up. He has a great relationship with his receivers and the Irish will win this game by 2 touchdowns at the Big House. This is my sure bet this week. Michigan’s young quarterbacks will be confused and extra nervous. Don’t let Michigan’s performance fool you, they played a directional school and Notre Dame beat a team that played in a bowl game last season. The Irish are a better team and they should win easily.

UCLA (+8) at Tennessee (-8)My pick is Tennessee

Lane Kiffin wants to put a crooked number on the scoreboard against UCLA. This series have became pretty heated over the last two seasons and I look for the Vols to win and cover the eight points. UCLA is still pretty green at the quarterback position and will have trouble moving the ball.

North Carolina (-4.5) at UConn (+4.5)My pick is North Carolina

Butch Davis has been recruiting well over the last two seasons and some of those players are starting to mature. They have a higher talent level than UConn and they should prove themselves on the road. They should win by at least 10 points.

Houston (+15) at Oklahoma State (-15)My pick is Oklahoma State

The Cowboys looked great last week and they should beat Houston pretty easily. OSU is a top 5 team in the country and their line shold be much higher. They will win this game by three or four scores, this team is so loaded on offense and they have one of the better defenses of the good teams in the Big 12.

Colorado (-4) at Toledo (+4)My pick is Colorado

Toledo is an okay team in the MAC and should do okay against Colorado at home. They looked good against Purdue, but most teams will this season. Last week Colorado lost at home against Colorado State. CSU is a good team and you can’t discount Colorado because of that game. They will beat Toledo by at least a touchdown to cover.

Iowa (-6.5) at Iowa State (+6.5)My pick is Iowa

Iowa looked horrible against Northern Iowa and they should have lost that game. The Hawkeyes are known to get better as the year goes on, but they definitely miss Shonn Greene. Iowa State has a new coach and doubled up North Dakota State last week. You can’t take much away from either game, since Northern Iowa’s players were more hyped to play Iowa than the other way around and N.D. State is worst than Northern Iowa. Iowa should rebound on the road against their rival.

Ohio (-3) at North Texas (+3)My pick is Ohio

Ohio lost against a decent UConn team, but they weren’t favored in that game. They should have a pretty good team and do well in the MAC this season. North Texas had a horrible 2008, but beat Ball State last week, but the Cardinals are down this year since they lost their coach and a few starters from last season. Ohio should do well on the road and cover.

USC (-7) at Ohio State (+7)My pick is USC

I am going to write a complete review of this game later today. I will save you from reading a thousand word essay on why the Trojans are still a much better team until you read my post. Ohio State has a weak offensive line, young receivers, and inexperienced backfield. I don’t see them putting too many points on the Trojans. Looking at USC, they have a strong backfield, a good, not great, offensive line, and a talented corps of receivers. Just looking at the offense alone, knowing that both of these defenses are rebuilding, USC should win this game by at least two touchdowns in Columbus on Saturday.

Utah (-14) at San Jose State (+14)My pick is Utah

San Jose State looked good against USC in the first quarter, but unfortunately they had to play the other three and they lost big. Utah is a pretty solid team and should beat San Jose State by two touchdowns and cover easily. If they don’t cover, they should be demoted from the NCAA to the Lingerie Football League.

TCU (-11) at Virginia (+11)My pick is Virginia

UVA lost to William & Mary last week and I’m picking them as my Underdog pick of the week? That is correct, sir. TCU haven’t played in 2009 yet and going on the road will be tough. They didn’t blow teams out last year and Virginia usually plays people pretty close as the season progresses. The loss against William & Mary will light a fire under their asses and they just may win against TCU. I’ll take the points and Virginia will bounce back

I hope you enjoy our picks. They are for entertainment purposes and please bet responsibly.
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