My 2008 Un-All-Star Team – Revisited

On May 7th this year I made my “2008 Un-All-Star Team.” I wanted to re-visit this, as some of the players have turned their seasons around, and some have tanked even farther down than I could have imagined. Some have grown mustaches to bust out of their slumps, while others seemed content with a mediocre year and released from their teams. I love when people say that some players are “second-half guys,” as you can see, not all players end up heating up as the temperature rises.

The batting averages in italics are as of May 7th, 2008.

Rickie Weeks – .195 – currently .229 – not an everyday starter
Robinson Cano – .157 – currently .264 – a true second-half guy
Kenji Johjima – .189 – currently .213 – lost his starting job
Ben Broussard – .159 – currently .159 – released and now currently in minors with Yankees
Johnny Estrada – .179 – currently .170 – released by Nationals
Casey Blake – .202 – currently .292 – traded to Dodgers, doing very well.
Ryan Howard – .168 – currently .235 – tied for major league lead in home-runs

Andruw Jones – .158 – currently .161 – injury-plagued season
Alfonso Soriano – .177 – currently .293 – made actual all-star team
Nick Swisher – .196 – currently .213 – been very streaky
Jose Guillen – .165 – currently .252 – great second-half
Jim Edmonds – .172 – currently .240 – released by Padres, signed with Cubs, has been on fire when in the starting lineup
Michael Bourn – .194 – currently .226 – an off year, hasn’t stole many bases in the second half

Designated Hitter (barely)
Gary Sheffield – .176 – currently .223 – injury plagued season
Jose Vidro – .192 – currently .234 – released by Mariners
Jim Thome – .209 – currently .250 – a very resurgent second-half, big power numbers as well
Jason Giambi .157 – currently .252 – great middle of the season, has fell off here of late

The baseball season is a long and grueling marathon, not everyone can sprint the entire season. A lot can change during the season, but if a player can stay healthy and consistent throughout their career, they will have long playing careers in the Majors. For those you stay injured or struggle, it is easy for a club to cut their loses and a career can come to an end.

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