Song Of The Day – Rogue Wave (Eyes)

I like to watch television. I like that the new season of Real World, when they play a song during the show, they list the artist and song on the bottom of the screen. There has been two occasions this year where I’ve heard a song on a television show and I had to use the power of Google to find the song I desperately need to download. The first occasion was during a re-run of The O.C. (yes, the White Boy used to watch that show, quite often with the roommates), the song ended up being a song by Rogue Wave called “California.” I was shocked that the second time this occurred it was the same band.

My roommate has the first two seasons of Heroes on his PC. I was bored and I do not have cable at the moment (please see previous post about my anger at my female roommate). I ended watching the entire first season of the show within a three day period and there was a song that appears in the first couple of episodes. I thought it was Bright Eyes, but clearly not whiny enough, so I was confused. I ended up using some key phrases in google and found out that it was Rogue Wave’s “Eyes.”

Is Rogue Wave the kings of sitcom music? Kind of…I found out that their music has been used in other programs like Scrubs, Chuck, Friday Night Lights, Nip/Tuck, and a few others. They have three albums out and are currently on Brushfire Records, good news for Jack Johnson and Matt Costa fans.

I really like this song and I think it is rather catchy. Here is a video that was made for Rogue Wave’s “Eyes.” I rather doubt that it is the official video, but rather poetic.

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