Song Of The Day – Abba (Take A Chance On Me)

Abba….that’s right! “Take A Chance On Me” is the Song Of The Day for one reason, the NBA Draft is tonight and plenty of teams will take a chance on players and sadly most won’t pan out. Mike & Mike In The Morning likes to play this song a lot around NFL Draft and NBA Draft periods and Greeny and Golic do a little chair dance. I wish I had a camera and I would post a video of me doing a chair dance, ’cause I’m sure it would equal about a million uniques views…minimum.

Abba has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, you try being in a bad mood while listening to “Dancing Queen,” “Waterloo,” or this song. Try it now, play this video and try and hold a frown, it’s impossible.

Here is the video for Abba’s “Take A Chance On Me.”

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