Song Of The Day – David Cook (Always Be My Baby)

I have to give some dap to this season’s “American Idol” winner, David Cook. I have a couple girl roommates and so avoiding “American Idol” is impossible. I think I watched 90% of the episodes this season and David Cook brought it every week. The finals was up to him and this 13-year old David Cassidy look-a-like, David Archuleta. AI could be on its last legs if Cook doesn’t sell millions of albums, but I think he probably will.

Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are the only winners to go from Idol to Superstar. The male winners haven’t done so well, but Cook sounds more like Chris Daughtry, and Daughtry outsold 99.9% of the albums last year.

This should be my final mention of “American Idol” on here, I don’t want to wuss this blog up.

One final note, Cook went on a date with Kimberly Caldwell, a former contestant on American Idol. If he doesn’t sell a single album, he can at least thank the show for helping him bag this girl.


Here is David Cook’s studio version of “Always Be My Baby”

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