NBA Draft Lottery, Who’s Lucky, Punk?

I can’t believe the NBA still does this, but they let ping-pong balls determine who will have the top pick in the draft. I’m not a fan of the process, the NFL’s draft order is pretty solid, but I can see why the NBA don’t want their teams tanking at the end of the season to draft higher. This process let San Antonio have the chance to obtain Tim Duncan, after David Robinson was injured the previous year. They won the draft and they have been unstoppable, err, every other year.

I hope the Miami Heat don’t win the lottery tonight. The Heat reminds me of the Spurs situation with Duncan, since Wade was injured for most of the year and their bad season is probably jusst a one-year situation. The Knicks need this #1 pick the most, but if the Supersonics win, look for them to be a pre-season favorite to be in the playoffs. If you add Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley to to Jeff Green and Kevin Durant, you will compete in the Western Conference within two year. Oklahoma City are currently drooling, they will have a new franchise with instant success.

My prediction for the top 3 picks are: Seattle Supersonics, Miami Heat, and New York Knicks. Although, I would like to see the Pacers up there, since they have no player worth the price of admission or the Chicago Bulls get a high lottery pick, I don’t see it happening.

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