High Fives Are Up 250% In Boston

ESPN loves Manny Ramirez today. It started with Mike Greenberg on “Mike & Mike In the Morning” around 6:30am this morning. He started that he once despised Manny for his antics and lack of hustle, but now he loves him. He can’t question that he loves to have fun, but couldn’t say if Manny actually knew that there were only 2 outs. If you didn’t see the play, Manny makes a great catch, runs about 6 steps after he catches the ball, jumps on the wall and high fives a man wearing a Red Sox jersey (they were in Baltimore), then throws the ball in to the cut-off man and doubles up the runner at first.

I think the thing that shocked me the most was that Skip Bayless thought it was hilarious and didn’t say a bad word about Manny. Bayless is one of the most polarizing figures on ESPN and I would have put money down that he would have went against the grain and found something moronic about the play.

I want the record to state that I love Manny, I think he’s a great hitter and looks like he probably doesn’t care 96% of the time. The 4% of the time that he actually tries, he is great. When he makes the Hall of Fame, I hope he actually shows up and realizes what is going on. He will be one of the players people talk about 100 years from now.

Here is the video of the play.

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