Idolizing – McRib

My “Idolizing” section was meant for people who are innovative or whose career I wish I had. I will make this exception and put the McRib in my Idolizing section of the site.

I think the McRib is one of those things you want when you can’t get one, but when they are available, you get one here and there. I’m still not sure why McDonalds doesn’t add the sandwich to their regular menu. I’m sure they could replace the Filet O’Fish and no one would even notice. Do you know anyone who has ordered a fish sandwich at McDonalds in the last ten years? I’ll wait…I didn’t think so.

Since I have lived in Ohio (August 2006), the McRib has never made an appearance at McDonalds here. The sandwich comes to Indiana at least twice a year since I was old enough to remember. They even had the McRib’s younger, but equally delicious brother, the McRib Jr. for awhile.I used to watch the MTV show, “The Osbournes, quite a bit during it’s popularity. The episode when Jack Osbourne sees a McDonalds sign and gets extremely excited when he sees that the McRib is back. He belittles his sister because she didn’t seem to be even slightly interested in it. He states that he clearly gets excited about the little things in life. When the McRib is back, I don’t categorize that as a “little thing.”

If the McRib is currently in your area, comment below and I will be very jealous.

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