Song Of The Day – We The Kings (Check Yes Juliet)

America’s White Boy is an aficionado of the works of Shakespeare and any song with Juliet in the name will get some dap. Don’t hate, I had to take a course on Billy Shakespeare in college and after awhile I started to realize that the dude knew what he was talking about.

Anyways, We The Kings is a new band that is getting a lot of airplay for their new single “Check Yes Juliet.” They released a single in late 2007 called “Skyway Avenue,” but sadly it didn’t catch on. You can’t feel sorry for them, they are becoming successful with “Juliet.” They have opened for many pop-punk/emo bands in the past and will soon be headlining tours. You can see them this summer, they will be on every stop of the Van Warped Tour.

Check out the video for “Check Yes Juliet”

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