Hockey Overtime Overdose

Two hockey playoff games went into overtime last night, but one of the games went into 4OT, anyone who stayed for that game deserves free season tickets. The Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks game lasted over 5 hours and each player’s beard had to have grown an inch. The game wasn’t a high-scoring effort, it was 2-1. I’m not much of a hockey fan, I live in a city that barely has a team (Columbus). I did go to the NHL Draft last year, it was held in Columbus and the potential draft prospects were pretty accessible. They all sat in a section to themselves, but they were also scattered all over the concourse. If anyone knew who these kids were they would have been mobbed, luckily they play hockey. Anyways, congratulations to Dallas, have fun getting trampled by Detroit.The other overtime game was Pittsburgh and the New York Rangers, fortunately it didn’t last as long. Sidney Crosby missed a wide open shot near the end of regulation that would have put them ahead. I’m glad the Penguins advanced because hockey needs a new Gretzky or Lemieux. I would suggest that Crosby grows out a mullet, I haven’t seen any good hockey hair this year.Write this down, if Pittsburgh makes the Finals, you will see “Witness” t-shirts scattered all over the crowd.

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