Song Of The Day – Biffy Clyro (Saturday Superhouse)

I first noticed Biffy Clyro when I was up late about six months ago. I had the television on MTV Hits and they had an hour of MTV2 Hits when “Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies” started to play. The song was amazing and I instantly got the album and it stayed playing on my laptop for many days in a row. I went around telling all my friends about them and still to this day I’m not sure if it is pronounced like “Slyro” or “Klyro.”

They are from the UK and very popular across the pond. On YouTube you can find many videos of them playing major music festivals like Reading Festival. If you have a chance to listen to more Biffy Clyro, I suggest that you do so.

Here is the video for their new video, “Saturday Superhouse.”

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