I Wish I lived In Cleveland, For One Day

Papa John’s Pizza is offering 23 cent pizza on Thursday, May 8th. You can order a large one-topping pizza for that price. Unfortunately for most of the country, the offer is only valid in Cleveland. They are apologizing for the “Crybaby” t-shirts they printed for the Washington/Cleveland series. The “Crybaby” remark was referring to the reaction of Lebron James after the blatantly flagrant foul from Brendan Haywood. Here is the video of the foul followed by the ejection of Haywood.Papa John’s is also donating $10,000 to the Cavaliers Youth Fund as a way to erase this bad business decision. America’s White Boy still loves Papa John’s and prefers it over Pizza Hut.

*Anxiously awaits free Papa John’s Pizza*

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