Dinner With Cris Carter & Terrelle Pryor

Okay, I didn’t actually have dinner with Cris Carter and Terelle Pryor, kind of, but not really. I went to Eddie George’s restaurant here in Columbus called Eddie George’s Grille 27. It’s a pretty nice place to eat, I usually go once a month. The place has a great atmosphere and tons of flat-screen tvs to watch any sporting event. I went the night before the spring game and I know the bartenders since I worked there for a short while (it ended horribly, but they have love for America’s White Boy.) They told me that Cris Carter and Terrelle Pryor were both there. I turned around and there they were. I guess I don’t see too many famous people. I was in awe of Cris Carter, ’cause the man is a soon-to-be Hall of Famer and I liked his work on HBO. We’ll see if he brings the same banter and knowledge to ESPN.

I’m not saying Pryor is famous, but he very well could be in a few years. Pryor has been compared to Vince Young and Michael Vick, since he loves to scramble. Anyways, I think I’m going to keep this story shorter the next time I tell people, maybe people will actually think your boy dined with Carter and Pryor.

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