Song Of The Day – Flobots (Handlebars)

A friend of mine messaged me a few months about this band called the “Flobots.” She just went to a concert and she was all pumped that she got to see them. With me being a person that thrives on his music knowledge, I never heard of them and I was intrigued. She sent me a song off of their album called “Handlebars.” I have to admit that I didn’t give the Flobots much dap when I first listened to them. They were just “okay” to me, but the song kept creeping into my playlist and I started to really like it.

With this newfound enjoyment of “Flobots,” I started finding out more and more about the band. They were recently signed to a major label, which is good news for you guys ’cause you will be hearing more from them in the near future.

What is their sound, you ask? I would say that it is a mix between Atmosphere and Cake. I only say Cake ’cause the lead singer’s voice sounds like John McCrea’s, but they have a violin and trumpet in the band. The Atmosphere comparison comes from his lyrics. He spits them out very angry in some songs, but it doesn’t overpower you enough that you would be turned off.

Check out Flobots – “Handlebars”

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