Song Of The Day – Von Iva (La La)

Von Iva is an all-girl new-wave/dance band from San Francisco, CA. The only reason that I heard of this group is the fact that they played a dump in Fort Wayne, IN called “The Brass Rail.” “The Rail” as it’s called, is a place where degenerates and “ligkids” call home. I call these people degenerates out of love, ’cause most of my friends go there often. Anyways, there is a local station that played the song “La La” on the radio every once in awhile. This all had taken place about 2 years ago, but the other day I turned on the radio station here in Columbus, OH and “La La” is on the radio here now. Von Iva is getting bigger and amassing a large fanbase. I think the song is pretty catchy and the ladies, who have a Bettie Page feel to them, are nice to look at.

I don’t know if they are on a label now, but I am guessing that some sort of label, indie or major, have courted them by now. I’m sure wherever you’re at, you will eventually hear this song on your local radio station.

Here is the video for “La La.”

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