Barack Obama Can Ball

I may have seen something that has the most racial stereotypes per minute. I just watched HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and they had a piece on Barack Obama and his love of basketball. I can wait for next week when Gumbel covers Obama’s love of ribs and chicken. I don’t understand the direction of this piece at all. They apparently filmed it a week before Obama’s gutter-filled bowling experience. Gumbel even uses the phrase “Obama’s jones for basketball,” is he trying out for the And1 basketball tour?

You need to watch this clip from the show. Apparently when Obama was a high school student in Hawaii, kids called him “Barry The Bomber,” since he had a sweet jumper.

Being “America’s White Boy,” I was very uncomfortable for a good portion of the clip. I think they are trying to paint Obama as a black man who has similar interests as other black men in America, even if he speaks more eloquently than Mr. Feeny from “Boy Meets World.”Here is Part 1 of the Barack Obama “I can play basketball too” clip. Part 2 is also on YouTube if anyone is interested.

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