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2017 NCAA Football – Week 3 Betting Picks Against Spread

I went 17-6-2 last week against the spread. I felt pretty good about my picks going into the weekend and even hit on some I waited on and didn’t add to my picks last week. A few lines moved in the right direction and I put a few jellybeans on them last minute on Saturday.

I usually do well during Week 2 of the college football season. You have to know when to pivot away from a team or to keep riding a team that lost in Week 1.

I believe Week 3 is one of the most difficult betting weeks. You have two weeks of data, but half of that data is bad data. You can’t really use the data from a game against Gardner-Webb the same as data against other FBS teams. Since a lot of teams have played at least one ‘gimme game’, there’s a lot of bad information out there that you should just completely ignore. 

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick 25 college football games against the spread in Week 3 of the NCAA Football season (September 16th, 2017). We also focus on small conference games…our bread and butter!

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2017 College Football: All-Name Team

What makes a great college football name?

A good litmus test is if it works as a potential pro wrestling name, it works in college football. It also works if a name sounds like a verb, phrase, a certain body part or just a bad ass football name that makes them sound tough.

We went through every team in the top two divisions in the NCAA. We went through ever single name and picked out the ones that were funny and some names we just wish we had.

My name is Bobby Roberts, so of all the people who can write a post poking fun at names, it’s me. I’m always asked if my real name is Robert Roberts (it’s not) or if my name is fake (it’s not).

Here is the 2017-18 college football All-Name team.

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2016 NCAA Football – Week 13 Betting Picks Against Spread

americas-white-boy-college-football-betting-picks-against-the-spread-week-13-ohio-state-buckeyes-cheerleaders-ncaaI started to second-guess my decision to increase my picks to 25 games, but I went 19-6 last week. The weather helped my picks since many games in the Midwest had gusting wind.

This is a huge rivalry week across the country. There are rivalry games like Michigan/Ohio State and Washington/Washington State that will factor in who will appear in conference championship games. The OSU/Michigan game will help weed out the logjam at the top in the College Football Playoff rankings.

This week’s schedule has a lot of large point spreads, but I still see value across the board.

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick against the spread for all the big college football games on Saturday (November 26th, 2016) and a few Friday games. We also pick five extra games as a bonus.

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2016 NCAA Football – Week 3 Betting Picks Against Spread

alabama-crimson-tide-college-football-point-spread-picks-against-the-spread-week-3-americas-white-boy-cheerleaderI had a very average week and finished 13-12. I don’t feel too bad about it, but wished the outcome was better. I made educated picks and if two or three of them went the other way, I’d feel pretty darn great.

Week 2 was full of large point spreads and honestly it was about 50/50 on the favorites covering in those games. I don’t think it will mess with point spreads too much going forward, but maybe Georgia should get knocked a few points for keeping the Nicholls State game close.

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick against the spread for all the big college football games on Saturday (September 17th, 2016) and a few Thursday games. We also picked five extra games as a bonus.

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2016 NCAA Football – Week 1 Betting Picks Against Spread

Josh Rosen hot UCLA cheerleaders america's white boy week 1 college football betting picks against the spread gambling ncaaWho else is ready for some college football?!

We have hit on nearly 60% of games we’ve picked since I started a running total back in 2013. I hope to stay hot this season.

Week 1 is where knowledge, and a little luck, can make or break you. There will be a few big upsets and a marquee player or two will fall to injury. You just want to survive Week 1 in order to get a lot of information for Week 2, where I have historically found value.

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick against the spread for all the big college football games on Saturday (September 3rd, 2016) and a few Thursday games. We picked five extra games this week since there isn’t NFL games this weekend. Enjoy!

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2016 March Madness: #6 Texas vs #11 Northern Iowa

isaiah taylor texas longhorns 2016 ncaa tournament northern iowa panthersWe are here to help you fill out your brackets and finally beat ‘Barb from corporate’ in your office pool this year.

The Big 12 had a fantastic year as a whole. The top teams in the conference were ranked all season. A lot of the middle-of-the-road teams got at-large bids largely from the overall power of the conference.

The Missouri Valley Conference was just a two-bid conference this year. Northern Iowa won the conference tournament and Wichita State is playing in one of the play-in games. The conference wasn’t as strong as in years past.

Who do you think will win? We help you fill out your bracket.

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2015 March Madness: #6 Butler vs #11 Texas

2015 NCAA Tournament Butler Bulldogs Texas Longhorns March Madness picks bracketIn years past, the Butler and Texas seedings would be flip-flopped. Butler was always the underdog and Texas would be a Goliath. It shows how much the NCAA selection committee have changed their mindset over the years.

Butler didn’t make the NCAA Tournament last season during a transition after Brad Stevens left to coach the Boston Celtics. It didn’t take long for The Bulldogs to look just as good as they were under Stevens.

Texas has had some good teams under head coach Rick Barnes. He is often criticized for underachieving in the NCAA Tournament. That would once again be the case if they fail to advance into the third round.

Can Chris Holtmann get his first NCAA Tournament win as the coach of Butler?

Who do you think will win? We help you fill out your bracket.

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2014 NCAA Football – Week 12 Betting Picks Against Spread

USC SONG GIRLS 2014 Southern California cheerleaders college football sexy hotI went 12-8 last week, but I missed the Notre Dame game pretty bad. I admit my failures and oh boy, that one was a big one. My record is now 110-86-3 on the season.

Frigid temperatures are expected to hit across the heart of the country this weekend. Make sure to check the forecast before you lay your bets down. I don’t see any snow, but temps in the 30’s are likely (unless you live on the West Coast or the South…I’m sure those places will still be beautiful).

We were 134-79-8 against the spread betting on college football games last season. We hope to keep it going and help you guys out again this season.

We pick against the spread for all the big college football games on Saturday (November 15th, 2014), and picked some smaller conference games as well. Enjoy!

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