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Broken Matt Hardy May Have Just Saved ‘Impact Wrestling’

final deletion broken matt hardy impact wrestling tna maxel funnyI know what you’re thinking, TNA is still relevant? Well, they haven’t been in quite some time. I’m a huge wrestling fan and I’m still guilty of just reading spoilers to avoid wasting two hours every week.

Something special has been happening on TNA’s “Impact Wrestling” over the last two months. It involves two wrestlers even casual wrestling fans are familiar with, The Hardy Boyz.

Before I explain what happened on last night’s episode of “Impact Wrestling”, I need to explain how this ‘Broken Matt Hardy’ storyline started.

Matt Hardy was the TNA Heavyweight champion earlier this year, but lost it in a match with Drew Galloway. He lost a rematch and he went to feud with his brother Jeff. They had an ‘I Quit’ match in which both were knocked out and Matt was taken to the hospital…this is when Matt Hardy became broken.

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“Orange Is The New Black” Season 3 Review

Orange Is The New Black Season 3 review netflix three piperI just finished binge-watching season three of “Orange Is The New Black” on Netflix. As a big fan of the first two seasons of the television show, I came into this season with high hopes…but I was left quite disappointed.

I don’t want to throw a bunch of spoilers in this review because I’m guessing only a handful of people have actually finished it by the time this is post is live. I know I would be mad if I had an entire season ruined for myself if I accidentally ran across spoilers before actively looking for them.

Season three is setup like the previous two seasons. You get present-day storylines with backstory flashbacks thrown into every episodes. I still like this method of storytelling, but the flashbacks are becoming less enjoyable.

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‘BASEketball’ Cast: Then & Now

BASEketball-then-and-nowI really hate admitting this, but BASEketball is one of my favorite movies. I saw it with friends in the theater and I still find myself not turning the channel when it comes on HBO (it’s on as I’m writing this).

The movie only made $7 million at the box office, but has gained a cult following since its release on DVD.

The stars of the flim, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are the creators of South Park. The duo went on to produce the puppet-oriented movie Team America: World Police and even the popular Broadway play The Book of Mormon. BASEketball is the only project they starred in that they didn’t write or produce.

It’s now 2013 and many of the stars went on to do interesting things and some, not so much.

Find out what the cast looks like now and what they’ve been up to since filming BASEketball.

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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Visits GABF [VIDEO]

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog never disappoints. The character made famous by Robert Smigel on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” is still going strong with videos on “Conan” on TBS and all over the internet

Triumph visited the “Great American Beer Festival” in Denver and poked fun at the entire craft beer industry. And yes, a 40oz. of malt liquor makes an appearance.

What If “Breaking Bad” Debuted in 1995? [Video]

I love when people are creative on YouTube.

The YouTube user GoesToEleven, who earlier released a video of the 1995-style opening credits for “The Walking Dead”,has done it again. This time he uses the television show “Breaking Bad”.

This is the best thing on the internet right now.

Miami Dolphins to Appear in HBO’s "Hard Knocks"

I know what you’re thinking, the title of this post should be, “Miami Dolphins to Appear on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks‘ Because Every Other NFL Team Turned HBO Down.” Yeah, that sounds about right.

When you look at the Miami Dolphins roster, you see Reggie Bush and a lot of guys with unknown personalities. Who knows, these guys could be funny and show a lot of heart. The saddest part is they got rid of the most watchable and unpredictable player in the NFL, Brandon Marshall. C’mon, that guy would have given me so much comedy material!

Here are some of the possible story lines we will see on this season’s “Hard Knocks”.

– The Dolphins will allow Chris Bosh, Lebron James, and Dwyane Wade to suit up for a few practices. I can see Brian Windhorst covering that for ESPN’s laughable ‘Heat Index.”

– Reggie Bush is no longer dating Kim Kardashian, that is old news. He is currently dating her stunt-double, Melissa Molinaro. HBO will make sure to have the cameras on her quite a bit. Look below and pick which one is Kardashian and which one is Molinaro.

David Garrard can tell the story about how 10 of the worst teams wanted to sign him last season, but he waited until the last minute to have surgery.

– Everyone FINALLY gets to know the answer to ” Is Joe Philbin related to Regis?”

– We get to know Vernon Davis’ unstable brother, Vontae.

– Karlos Dansby will do an impression of Kurt Warner at least five times during “Hard Knocks”.

– Anthony Fasano will finally admit that Brady Quinn is currently sleeping on his couch.

– A poutine eating contest will be officiated by former Canadian Football League player Cameron Wake.

– Jake Long will lead us to the place where Mike Hart’s career is buried. (Hint: It is in Ann Arbor)

– Richard Marshall tells his teammates that he’s Brandon, since Brandon told half of his teammates that he was either Richard or Mandingo for most of the season.

– Legedu Naanee hosts a team Spelling Bee.

– Mike Pouncey, Will Barker, and Nate Garner will go shirtless until everyone pays them $1,000. If that goes well, they will go nude until a rookie pokes their eyes out. That is what the veterans call the classic “Darwinian Cut.”

– The shell of Steve Slaton pretends that he can still play football.

– Finally, the team has a scavenger hunt with Reggie Bush’s Heisman trophy as the only item listed. (The scavenger hunt was sponsored by all of the past Heisman winners)

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NBC Renews ‘Community’…Sort of?!

NBC was very busy yesterday. They decided the fate of most of their Thursday night lineup. ‘The Office’,’30 Rock’, ‘Parks and Recreation’, & ‘Community’ all were renewed, in the way Republican candidates endorse Mitt Romney…because they have to. NBC does not have much of a choice. Their network went from first in the ratings to fourth place, which is last among the big networks. They don’t have any shows to replace them right now and hope a few new shows emerge next season as Thursday night candidates.

Will ‘Community’ survive the overhaul that NBC plans to do in the 2012-13 television season? How will I get my Alison Brie fix, since I recently quit watching ‘Mad Men’?

I’m a huge fan of ‘Community’ since the middle of their first season. I didn’t know that the show was so good until a I went over to a friend’s house and he was watching it. The first episode I watched was their Christmas episode that was an homage to ‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’. 90% of the episode was in claymation. It was a breath of fresh air in a television landscape that just recycles stale ideas.

The news slowly leaked out about NBC’s future plans. ‘Community’ will be renewed for thirteen episodes, with the rest of their season being left in limbo. The network ordered the same amount for ’30 Rock’ & ‘Parks and Recreation’, but but NBC announced that ’30 Rock’ will end the series after their thirteen episode order. The fate of ‘Parks and Recreation’ isn’t as gloomy, but it looks like that series will end as well. NBC did order full seasons of ‘The Office’ and ‘Parenthood’.It is likely that NBC could order nine more episodes of ‘Community’ to make a full fourth season. We can cross our fingers that the Peacock network will keep the critically-acclaimed show on for the fifth season.

If the show ends after its fourth season, it would make the show more realistic. Four years is the ideal amount of years that a student goes to college, but a fifth is plausible. This show was destined to last this length, because they would not want the show to end up like ‘90210’ or ‘Saved By The Bell’. The students on those shows must have flunked a year, since they lasted longer than four seasons.

A few reports have come out that Chevy Chase could be written out of the show. He is difficult to work with and has bashed the show publicly. He claims that the show is “not funny,” but he could just be jealous that he is not the show’s focus. He has a reputation of being difficult since he appeared on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the 1970s.

NBC looks to keep ‘Parenthood’ on the air, but plans to cancel ‘Community’? What night of the week is that even on NBC? I know that it is another show that has low ratings and is beloved by critics. It has to cost more to produce than ‘Community’, but I could be wrong…since I’ve never watched an episode of ‘Parenthood.

I hope that Subway can save ‘Community’ like it extended the life of ‘Chuck’, another NBC show that I also enjoyed. You will still be able to see most of the cast in other projects on television and/or in concert. Donald Glover has a budding music career as Childish Gambino, Joel McHale has ‘The Soup’, and Brie has a recurring role on AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ as Pete Campbell’s wife.

Let’s hope that ‘Community’ will increase their ratings in the fall and forces NBC to keep the show on the air…#sixseasonsandamovie.

How YOU Doin’?
Eddie Murphy & Batman
The first season’s Christmas episode
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How ‘Mad Men’ Made Me Hate January Jones

I have been wanting to write this post for a long time. I thought about it a few weeks ago, but I needed a kick in the pants to write this article. I needed to contribute to a site that I’m writing for, ProjectShanks.com, and thought that this would be the perfect way to start. A person’s first post on a new website should have pretty girls in it, right?

I feel like I’m getting ready to break up with a girlfriend who banged all of my friends, recorded it, and made me watch it. How do you get everything off of your chest at once? By the way, I think I dated a girl that would do that. She was pretty evil, but we’ll save that for another fun post.

This post is about the AMC show, ‘Mad Men.’ Is it bad that I let a television show annoy me this much? Continue reading