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2017 NCAA Football – Week 4 Betting Picks Against Spread

I went 15-10 last week against the spread. I was skating around the point spreads all over the place. I won a few games by a point or two and also lost them by small margins. Vegas really hit the nail on the head on quite a few games last week.

Now that it is in the fourth week of college football, do you think we know these teams? No, it all changes this week with most of the games being conference games.

A new wrinkle starts to unfold when teams begin to face familiar opponents. We have past data, but past history only goes so far in college football since there is a fast turnover rate.

How will USC QB Sam Darnold fare against Cal’s upgraded defense?

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick 25 college football games against the spread in Week 4 of the NCAA Football season (September 23th, 2017). We also focus on small conference games…our bread and butter!

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2016 NCAA Football – Week 2 Betting Picks Against Spread

hot-sexy-tennessee-volunteers-vols-cheerleader-americas-white-boy-picks-against-the-spread-2016-week-2-gamblingI went 13-11-1 last week with a few bad beats. I can’t beat myself up about it since Week 1 is always loaded with landmines of risk. I picked some games I should have stayed away from (Houston vs Oklahoma) and didn’t expect such poor outings from Tennessee and UCLA.

As I said before, Week 1 is full of risk, but the following week is loaded with value. You have to take what you learned in Week 1 and use it for your advantage. At the same time, there are times that you kind of have to go against all your information since betting lines are often swayed a little too much if a team outperforms preseason expectations or is underwhelming in Week 1.

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick against the spread for all the big college football games on Saturday (September 10th, 2016) and a few Thursday games. We also picked five extra games as a bonus.

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2016 NFL Draft – Best Undrafted Players

jake coker alabama crimson tide 2016 nfl draft best undrafted playersNFL teams are really good at scouting players for the NFL Draft, but every single year, a handful of talented players fall through the cracks. They sign contracts soon after the draft ends and go on to make a difference in the NFL.

Players like Tony Romo, Arian Foster, Wes Welker and James Harrison are four studs that went undrafted. I’m not sure if anyone on this list will go on to be a Hall of Famer, but it could happen.

This list is usually made up of players from small schools, there are still plenty of those on this year’s list, but some good players for major programs went undrafted in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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2015 NCAA Football – Week 11 Betting Picks Against Spread

nebraska-michigan-state-touchdown-2015-referee-mistake-americas-white-boy-picks-against-spreadA few undefeated teams fell last week. Memphis, Michigan State, LSU and TCU all possibly had their championship hopes go down the tubes. The way Michigan State fell had to sting the worst. The referee should have threw a flag for illegal touching.

Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and Notre Dame are currently sit at the top of the College Football Playoff rankings. They technically control their own destiny, but you never know what kind of response the committee will have going forward.

Teams are now trying to become bowl-eligible. It seems like crazy things happen when a team has five wins and needing six.

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick against the spread for all the big college football games on Saturday (November 14th, 2015), and pick some smaller conference games as well. Enjoy!

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2015 NCAA Football – Week 5 Betting Picks Against Spread

funny college football fan ncaa america's white boy week 4 2015 picks against the spreadI’ve been hovering around .500 so far this year. I have moved some of my rankings around and hope to have a big week. Most teams are now into their conference schedule, so there will be less spreads of 30+ and we have some historical information to help our picks.

I went 9-10-1 last week. I whiffed on BYU/Michigan and a couple others. I felt some of the picks were ‘smart’, but they did not hit. A few balls fell in the other direction in those games.

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick against the spread for all the big college football games on Saturday (October 3rd, 2015), and pick some smaller conference games as well. Enjoy!

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2015 NCAA Football – Week 4 Betting Picks Against Spread

americas white boy college ncaa picks against the spread 2015 september week 4 funny fanMany of the top teams in the nation didn’t perform up to expectations last week. I hate betting on large spreads, especially when a ranked team faces a small school. So many things have to go right for them to cover, but also small schools sometime just show up to cash a check. It’s a coin flip.

I went 10-10 last week. I whiffed on a few that lost badly, but still feel good about those picks. Sometimes you can still make a ‘smart pick’ and have it lose. It’s all part of gambling. The same system or strategy will win games later on.

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick against the spread for all the big college football games on Saturday (September 26th, 2015), and pick some smaller conference games as well. Enjoy!

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Kenny Hill to Transfer to TCU?

Kenny Hill TCU Texas A&M college football transferKenny Hill made a name for himself in his first game as the starting quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies. He had huge shoes to fill since he was taking over the team Johnny Manziel left behind to enter the NFL. Hill threw for 511 yards in the opener against South Carolina.

The rest of the season didn’t go so well for Hill. He struggled in the middle of the season and then had to serve a two-game suspension. Highly-touted freshman Kyle Allen took over and lead the team to three-straight wins to end the season.

Hill saw the writing on the wall and asked for a release from his scholarship at Texas A&M. He cited the reason as he wished to play closer to his home near Dallas, Texas.

Where will Kenny Hill end up? Is TCU the only school in the running?

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2014-15 NCAA Football – Bowl Games – Betting Picks Against Spread

funny painting old guy football helmet scotch tightend yarmoskyIt’s bowl season!

I had a pretty decent year picking college football games against the spread. My record is now 148-118-4 on the season.

When betting on bowl games, make sure to Google if the team still has their head coach. Not many coaching changes have happened, but Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin and a few others, won’t have their coach for the bowl.

We were 134-79-8 against the spread betting on college football games for the 2013-14 season. We hope to finish this season strong.

We pick against the spread for every bowl game. Enjoy!

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