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2017 MLB Season Preview: St. Louis Cardinals

2017 MLB Season Team Preview St Louis Cardinals Dexter Fowler funnyFor the first time since 2010, the St. Louis Cardinals found themselves sitting at home watching the playoffs. They fell a single-game short of a Wild Card spot. St. Louis knew they had to make some changes if they were going to keep up with the Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers and Washington Nationals.

The Cardinals needed to get some new faces on the team, so they let outfielder Matt Holliday and pitcher Jaime Garcia both walk via free agency. That freed up a spot to sign Dexter Fowler, who is fresh off willing the World Series. Also, Garcia’s departure opens up a rotation spot for a young arm.

Do the Cardinals stand their ground or do they try to make a big move in an attempt to stay with the Cubs?

Here is the 2017 MLB season preview for the St Louis Cardinals.

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2016 MLB Season Preview: St. Louis Cardinals

Mike Leake St Louis Cardinals 2016 mlb season preview america's white boyThe St. Louis Cardinals had an interesting offseason. They saw their rivals steal away two big free agents they hoped to re-sign.

The Cardinals didn’t pout and lick their wounds from losing John Lackey and Jason Heyward to the Cubs. They signed one of the top starting pitchers in free agency, Mike Leake. Also, let’s not forget that they get ace Adam Wainwright back this year.

The NL Central race will be cutthroat this season. Do the Cardinals veterans like Adam Wainwright, Yadier Molina and Matt Holliday have enough left in the tank for another run?

Here is the 2016 MLB season preview for the St Louis Cardinals.

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What Makes the St. Louis Cardinals So Good?

did-the-cardinals-hack-the-houston-astros-3-photos-2The San Francisco Giants have won three of the last five World Series Championships. If not for that, the St. Louis Cardinals would likely be considered a dynasty in this era. St. Louis won the Series in 2006 and in 2011. They appeared in the World Series in 2004 and again in 2013. It seems they are always in contention for the championship and have been for about as long as anyone can recall. So how do they stay on top?

The cynical among us can say they’ve been cheating based on information that their front office has been hacking into other team’s computers. But this has nothing to do with the players on the field. It seems like putting on that red uniform turns ordinary players into super heroes. The Cards lose one of the game’s great hitters after their World Championship run in 2011 in Albert Pujols, but the team keeps rolling while Pujols has a couple of down years in Los Angeles Angels red.

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2015 MLB Team Preview: St. Louis Cardinals

St Louis Cardinals 2015 MLB team preview Nelly bobblehead funny shirtless weirdThe Cardinals had a rough offseason. They had to mourn the death of Oscar Taveras while trying to conduct business. They didn’t sign any high-priced free agents, but they did make a big trade with the Braves (which I’ll discuss later).

The Cardinals have a nice mix of veterans and youth. Matt Holliday, Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina are the leaders in the clubhouse while Kolten Wong, Michael Wacha and Matt Adams are the future of the franchise. St. Louis looks set to contend for the next decade. They never seem to be in rebuilding mode. They just retool and win championships.

Can St. Louis hold off Pittsburgh and win their third-straight NL Central division title?

Here is the 2015 MLB season preview for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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2014 MLB Team Preview: St. Louis Cardinals

Hot Sexy St Louis Cardinals girl fan 2014 MLB Team PreviewAs a Cubs fan, I really hate seeing the St. Louis Cardinals do well. They’re so stacked and seem to have a bottomless pool of elite pitchers they can call up from the minors.

Shelby Miller and Michael Wacha could both be at the top of the rotation for the next decade. Also, Matt Adams, Kolten Wong & Oscar Tavares could all be future All-Stars. They pick at the bottom of first-round in every MLB Draft. How do they always have one of the best farm systems?

The NL Central will be one of the most competitive divisions in the Majors. The Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates both have playoff-caliber teams. Can either team knock off St. Louis?

Here is the 2014 MLB season preview for the St. Louis Cardinals

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Review: “The Summer of Beer and Whiskey” by Edward Achorn

Summer of Beer and WhiskeyIf you enjoy reading about baseball history, you often know all the names and stories of past baseball greats. Even if an author claims to have a new story of an early team, the book is often filled with commonly-known players who have been written about numerous times.

The Summer of Beer and Whiskey claims to be a new story and author Edward Achorn follows it up with a fresh, interesting story about St. Louis baseball in the 1880s.

Do you ever wonder why drinking beer is such an entrenched part of watching a baseball game? If beer didn’t exist, life would be boring, and the game of baseball may not have caught on.

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2013 MLB Team Preview: St. Louis Cardinals


The St. Louis Cardinals did the impossible last season. They lost Albert Pujols to the Angels and their longtime manager Tony LaRussa retired. Most people wrote them off, but they scratched and clawed their way into a Wild Card spot.

The Cardinals didn’t do much this offseason. Was standing pat a poor decision? Can they catch lightning in a bottle for a second year in a row?

Here is the 2013 MLB season preview for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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