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Three Awesome Sports Holidays to Try at Least Once

Are you somebody that likes to do a fair bit of travelling? Are you also somebody that loves watching sports? Well, why don’t you combine the two passions in your life and head out on a sports holiday? And, let me tell you, when you do, you won’t be disappointed!

To see some of the most awesome sports holidays that our big, wide world has to offer, make sure to read on.

Witnessing a Super Bowl is a must

Does the Super Bowl need any introduction or description? No, it most certainly does not, and neither do we need to try and convince you to want to go and watch it! Yes, whether you’re a fan of American Football or sports in general or not, you will almost certainly know about the Super Bowl and the spectacle that it is, and that should be enough to interest you in witnessing it at least once in your lifetime.

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Why Recreational Sports are So Good for Adults

Most people, as children at least tried participating in various recreational sports for a while. Even if we did hang up our football helmets and tennis rackets when we discovered the opposite sex or developed other passions for less active things.

However, as adults, less and less of us are part of any softball, basketball or baseball team, perhaps because we feel we have too little time to commit to it on top of work and looking after kids or maybe because we’d rather stream the latest offering from Netflix instead or do our competing on the Xbox instead. This is probably not doing us very much good at all.

You see, there are numerous proven benefits to participating in recreational sports as an adult. Here are some of them:

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The 5 Most Influential Sports Stars of All Time

Sports are more than just great entertainment. Through sports exceptional individuals have not only excelled in their chosen fields, not only pushing the boundaries of achievement but influencing generations. History is rich with figures whose legacy goes beyond their sporting achievements and leaked into the broader popular culture, causing their names to become synonymous with greatness in the field and beyond.

But how have these sporting greats transcended their roots and become pop culture icons? What is it that makes their influence extend to the point that their jerseys become cherished commodities on Hollywood Collectibles? Let’s have a look through some of the most influential sports stars of all time and see how each, in their own way, has helped to change the world.

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How To Develop Your Child’s Interest In Sports

It’s always beneficial to encourage your child to participate in some form of sport. In the technological age of today, it can be hard to peel our children away from their games consoles, smartphones, and the TV, but if they grow a passion for sport at a young age, then they are unlikely to need very much persuasion to go out and participate in it. Sports not only help to keep your child fit and healthy, but also teach them about discipline and teamwork, so there’s no reason not to be supportive and encouraging. Here are some simple ways to help your child develop an interest in sports:

  1. Be Supportive, Regardless Of The Sport

Sure, you may keep up to date on any and all breaking hockey news, or you might have played football in college, but that doesn’t mean that your child is going to like either of those sports. Lots of parents become fixated on one particular sport and don’t listen to their child’s choice of sport. This is unlikely to encourage your child to participate in the sport of your choice, and may even discourage your child from confiding in you in the future. Instead of being strict and narrow-minded, accept whatever sport your child decides they want to participate in, whether it be hockey, ballet, gymnastics, or boxing.

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Is It Time To Take Your Sport To The Next Level?

There comes a time when a sport no longer becomes a hobby but a passion. If you feel you’ve mastered the basics or perhaps even conquered your sport on an intermediate level, it could be time to give yourself a new challenge surrounding your sport. Here are some of the major ways that you can progress to a professional level.


Every sports from football to mountain biking to even pilates has a competitive side. If you haven’t yet tried competing in some kind of event, it could be time to give it a go. A competition is the perfect tangible goal to make you want to get better. Keep competing until you start winning and then up the stakes when you feel ready by taking on bigger competitions.  

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Why Would Anyone Play Indoor Soccer Over Outdoors? Here Are 4 Reasons

When it comes to sports, there’s nothing quite like a pure and clean game of soccer. There’s teamwork, individual skill and plenty of tricks involves that can set you apart from other players. It’s currently played by over 250 million people in over 200 countries, making it the world’s most popular sport. The rules are simple, the game can easily be set up, and it’s a lot of fun with your friends.

With such a loyal following, it makes you wonder why indoor soccer was ever invented. Out of all the indoor sports you could play, it doesn’t quite make sense why you would confine yourself to a gym or court instead of simply playing outside. However, here are 4 reasons why you should give indoor soccer a try no matter what skill level you are or how often to play soccer with your friends.

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Indoor Sports to Explore With Your Friends

It might be summer now, but that’s no excuse not to try some indoor sports. Depending on where you live, indoor sports could actually be more beneficial to you than just outdoor sports. For instance, if it rains regularly where you are then it could create nasty conditions to play in, and the fields might be full of people sunbathing and relaxing, so the last thing you want to do is hit someone with a ball or accidentally injure a bystander. Indoor sports offer a safer and controlled environment, and there’s almost no chance that someone will kick a ball or throw something so far that it gets lost.

But indoor sports alone isn’t as fun as with friends, so here are a couple of ideas that you can get involved in together with a group of friends.

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Spectator to Participant: How to Make this Sporting Transition

female-2025511_960_720Are you tired of being lazy, sitting on your sofa watching sports? Well, maybe it’s time you stopped being a passive spectator and became an active participant. Making that transition is not even as hard as you might imagine it to be. Anyone can do it once they put their mind to it and take the right steps. But what are those steps? Read on to find out.

Don’t Take the Know it All Attitude

This is one mistake that people often make when they are picking up a sport for the first time. Just because you have watched lots of other people play sport on TV, that doesn’t mean you really understand anything about playing the sport yourself. Those are two entirely separate things, and you need to remember that. If you adopt a know it all kind of attitude, you will just end up looking stupid and alienating those around you.

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