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2017 NCAA Football – Week 4 Betting Picks Against Spread

I went 15-10 last week against the spread. I was skating around the point spreads all over the place. I won a few games by a point or two and also lost them by small margins. Vegas really hit the nail on the head on quite a few games last week.

Now that it is in the fourth week of college football, do you think we know these teams? No, it all changes this week with most of the games being conference games.

A new wrinkle starts to unfold when teams begin to face familiar opponents. We have past data, but past history only goes so far in college football since there is a fast turnover rate.

How will USC QB Sam Darnold fare against Cal’s upgraded defense?

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick 25 college football games against the spread in Week 4 of the NCAA Football season (September 23th, 2017). We also focus on small conference games…our bread and butter!

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2017 March Madness: #7 Michigan vs #10 Oklahoma State

2017 DJ Wilson Michigan Wolverines NCAA Tournament March MadnessWe are here to help you fill out your brackets and finally beat your cubicle neighbor in your office pool this year.

The Michigan Wolverines had a scary airplane incident in Ypsilanti before the Big Ten conference tournament. They were all shook up and they thought about forfeiting and not participating. Well, they took a group vote, decided to play and they won the whole thing.

Oklahoma State’s head coach Brad Underwood took Stephen F. Austin to the NCAA Tournament the last three seasons. He lead the school to a nice Cinderella run and now he hopes to do the same with the Cowboys.

Can Oklahoma State upset Michigan in Indianapolis?

Who do you think will win? We help you fill out your bracket.

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2016 NCAA Football – Week 14 Betting Picks Against Spread

americas-white-boy-ncaa-college-football-week-14-penn-state-nittany-lions-cheerleaders-picks-gamblingI went 14-11 with my picks last week. It was the last week in which they are at least 25 games, so I went ahead and picked every single college football game against the spread this weekend.

The College Football Playoff could be a mess this season. There will be a team or two that will be left out that will have a legitimate argument for their inclusion. The Ohio State loss to Penn State is the reason for the extra drama this weekend.

I am really looking forward to watching all the conference championship games this weekend. I think they will all be fun to watch, except for the Alabama/Florida game, which could be a blood bath.

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick every college football game against the spread this weekend.

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Can Ohio State Really Make the College Football Playoff?

ohio-state-buckeyes-college-football-playoff-2016-2017-oddsThe Ohio State Buckeyes ended up being the #2 ranked team in the College Football Playoff this week. They benefited from three of the top four teams losing last week.

If history has any relevance here, Ohio State’s loss to Penn State worked in their favor since the earlier a team loses, the less affect it has on the final college football playoff rankings. Although in Ohio State’s case, that loss could have much more of an impact since it could cost them an appearance in the Big Ten Championship game.

There’s still a lot of football left to play, but Ohio State does not control its own destiny. Yes, if they beat Michigan in the final week of their regular season, it would almost cement their spot in the College Football Playoff, but as we’ve seen before, a team that leaves their fate in the hands of a committee that selects teams, can be burned.

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2015 NCAA Football – Week 13 Betting Picks Against Spread

michigan state kicker ohio state america's white boy college football picks against the spread 2015One day, I hope to be as happy as Michigan State’s kicker was last week. He went complete ‘Oprah audience member winning a free car’ crazy.

I went 11-9 against the spread last week. Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Iowa are now sitting on top of the College Football Playoff rankings this week. Michigan State and Notre Dame are currently the first two teams left out of the playoff.

I wanted to pick Baylor/TCU and Penn State/Michigan State games, but as of this writing, those lines are currently off the board. I wanted to get this week’s lines out as early as possible due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick against the spread for all the big college football games on Saturday (November 28th, 2015), and pick some games earlier in the week. Enjoy!

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2015 March Madness: #8 Oregon vs #9 Oklahoma State

2015 NCAA Tournament picks Oregon Ducks Oklahoma State Cowboys March Madness Joe YoungThis match-up is one of the most intriguing 8 vs 9 games in this the 2015 NCAA Tournament. The styles of teach team won’t mesh well at all.

Oregon’s offense is their best asset. Joe Young can put up points in a hurry and is a lot of fun to watch. The Ducks will do their best to keep pushing the ball up and down the court.

Oklahoma State will play the role of the turtle in this game. They are methodical and use their defense to set up a lot of their offense. I don’t want to compare their half-court offense to watching paint dry, but it’s damn close.

Which team will get their way and force their pace of the game?

Who do you think will win? We help you fill out your bracket.

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2014 March Madness: #8 Gonzaga vs #9 Oklahoma State

Marcus Smart Le'Bryan Nash Oklahoma State Cowboys 2014 NCAA TournamentWe are picking every NCAA Tournament game in an effort to help you fill out your bracket and win your office pool.

Oklahoma State was supposed to be a title contender. Marcus Smart would have been a top three pick in last year’s NBA Draft, but he decided that he needed to work on his shot, so he returned to school. Things haven’t worked out as planned and at one point, looked like they may not even make the NCAA Tournament.

Gonzaga has been a mainstay in the NCAA Tournament for the last fifteen years. They were once a Cinderella, but have been a favorite for a decade. They have yet to reach the Elite Eight. Is this the year Gonzaga makes history?

Who do you think will win? We help you fill out your bracket.

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2013-14 College Football: Bowl Schedule

BCS-Rankings-LogoWe all know Florida State will meet Auburn in the BCS National Championship game, but now the rest of the bowl schedule is also finalized.

We list the teams playing in each bowl game, what time each game is on and which channel you can find it. It’s no surprise that ESPN carries most of the bowl games.

We also list the handful of bowl-eligible teams that did not receive a bowl bid.

Where did Oregon, Oklahoma State, Ohio State and Alabama fall after late-season losses?

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