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2014 National Signing Day: All-Name Team

Greg-Gooch-Funny-Name-Signing-DayFor those who love high school and college football, National Signing Day is a lot of fun. It’s the one day of the year in which a university’s athletic department’s fax machine is the most important piece of equipment on campus.

This is the day when high school seniors can fax in their letter of intent to the college they wish to play football. You need to be offered a scholarship before you fax a letter of intent…sorry, guys.

I’ve researched all the top players in the 2014 senior class and picked out some of the best names and which school they will be playing for later this year.

My name is Bobby Roberts. I often get asked if my name is Robert Roberts, but no, it says ‘Bobby’ on my birth certificate. My name will forever sound like I’m eight years old…so different names always interest me. I think you will enjoy this list.

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