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Awesome Benefits Of Playing More Golf

golfawesomeGolf is one of the sports that you are either into or not – but there are some compelling reasons why everyone should be hitting the course on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of starting and playing more golf – and hopefully, we’ll persuade you to take some time out and start making waves on the fairway.

Physical fitness

There’s a lot of walking involved in golf, of course – as long as you avoid cheating and using the golf trucks that are becoming a more common sight on the nation’s courses. And it’s great for keeping you fit and giving you a healthy dose of fresh air But according to healthfitnessrevolution.com, there is more physical exercise involved in golf than you might think. Every swing uses your arms, legs, back and abdomen, and when you consider how many times you smash a ball over 18 holes, it’s clear that golf isn’t just a relaxing stroll in the park. Continue reading

Adam Scott Wins 2013 Masters

adam-scott-mustache-mastersAustralian golfer Adam Scott outlasted Argentinian Angel Cabrera to win the 2013 Masters in a playoff. He becomes the first Aussie to win the golf’s most-prestigious event.

Scott, 32, is best known for his collapse at last year’s British Open and for having Tiger Woods ex-caddie, Stevie Williams by his side.

He can now walk around with a green jacket and instantly gain respect…even if he wears sweatpants (I’m jealous).

For the casual golf fans who only care about Tiger Woods, he finished tied for fourth (-5).

Yes, I know this Adam Scott is not the same as the actor best known for his work on “Parks & Recreation” and “Party Down”, but I love this damn picture so much.