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Will ‘The New Day’ Succeed in WWE?

The New Day Kofi Kingston Xavier Woods Big E Langston WWE Grumpy CatWWE hasn’t had much luck recently debuting characters after a lengthy series of vignettes. The string of recent failures can be traced back to Brodus Clay’s re-debut as the Funkasaurus, the laughable ‘Lord Tensai’ debut and let’s not forget Fandango’s debut (his entrance music was more ‘over’ than him). It might be a bit too early to label Bo Dallas and Adam Rose as busts, but it has been months and they have yet to gain traction.

Yes, there have been some successes, with The Wyatt Family being the biggest, but it isn’t always the performers’ fault.

Have vignettes lost their appeal? Will The New Day continue the string of failures?

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Two Fans Trip on Mushrooms at WWE Event, Hilarity Ensues

El Torito Los Matadores WWEHave you ever attended a professional wrestling event? Could you imagine watching it on drugs?

Well, two fans recently attended a WWE live event in Vancouver after eating psilocybin mushrooms. A kind of mushroom that gives a person psychedelic effects after eating them.

Reddit user ‘illmurray’ and his friend posted on the popular website and gave a detailed account of their experience at the show. He experiences sadness, beauty, thoughts of our place in evolution and marks out hard when he sees El Torito, a little person wrestler in a bull costume.

I laughed out loud while reading his post. I had to share it with you guys.

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