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The Pop Culture Trends That Stuck And Became A Part Of Our Daily Lives

pexels-photo-211050Pop culture trends usually start in large cities where young, hip metropolitan professionals congregate. Trends or FADs sometimes come out of nowhere but tend to be born, ferment and eventually permeate into the wider world. But as with all fashion, nothing lasts forever, and trends come in and out of popularity; some disappear for good. However, there are some trends that looked like any other, but somehow found a niche in society and stuck around.

Commuter bikes

Many people don’t cycle to work because of the risk that comes with it. A person on a bicycle whizzing around the city at rush hour, weaving through, in and out of traffic, avoid collisions at every corner…Doesn’t sound fun at all. It isn’t just that, it was the practicality of lugging around a great big bike, having to run the risk of leaving it in public for hours on end and not being very maneuverable in obscenely tight streets; such that you find in congested capital cities. Folding bikes like the tern link c7, changed the game forever. Now anyone can save energy and money simply by carrying around their own little mobile transport. It stuck, and hasn’t gone away; in fact, it spawned an entirely new consumer market.

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