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2016 NFL Week 17 – Betting Picks Against Spread

matt mcgloin Week 17 Oakland Raiders playoffs NFL YODAI finished 9-7 last week and suffered a few bad beats. I want to end the regular season with a strong week, but Week 17 is usually a crap shoot.

I’ve spent the last couple days battling a horrible flu. I did have a chance to study who may sit Week 17. I also explain which teams still have something to play for this Sunday.

A lot of weird stuff happens during the last week of the season. We are almost guaranteed to have some receiver or running back have 200+ yards or some backup quarterback pull a ‘Matt Flynn’ and throw for a ton of yards. Can Raiders backup QB Matt McGloin be this year’s Week 17 surprise?

We pick ever NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 17 of the 2016 NFL season.

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2016 NFL Week 15 – Betting Picks Against Spread

funny america's white boy nfl picks 2016 week 15 against the spread bettingI finished 9-7 and felt pretty good about it. I had a weak outing the previous week, so it’s good to get a positive week in the books to bounce back.

It is going to be brutally cold in the Midwest this weekend, but thanks to domes, it really only affects the Green Bay/Chicago game.

I’m feeling pretty strong on a lot of the favorites this week. I’m not a huge fan of taking favorites this late in the year, but there were some favorable lines this week. There are just a few double-digit point spreads that give me pause, but they are against teams that have already packed it in for the season.

We pick ever NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 15 of the 2016 NFL season.

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2016 NFL Week 7 – Betting Picks Against Spread

odell-beckham-jr-net-proposal-americas-white-boy-nfl-picks-against-the-spread-week-7-2016I finished strong last week and ended with a 8-5-2 record. I have went 20-6-3 the last two weeks, which made up for my .500 percentage after the first couple weeks of the NFL season. 

I don’t feel like there are as many ‘landmines’ or sucker bets in this week’s lines. Last week was a rough week and took a lot of research and scouring injury reports. 

I did about the same amount of work this week and ended up falling in love with a lot of road teams.

NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 7 of the 2016 NFL season.

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2015 NFL Week 17 – Betting Picks Against Spread

pouting cam newton week 17 america's white boy NFL picks against the spread gambling carolina panthersThe Carolina Panthers had their bid for a perfect season end against Atlanta. My bid for the perfect betting season ended in Week 1, so Cam shouldn’t pout too much about his ending in Week 16!

It is important to look at potential playoff scenarios before placing any bets. A few top teams have already cemented their spot in the playoffs, so a team like the Washington Redskins could sit their starting quarterback. Also, there will be a few teams that will bench their kind-of-banged-up stars this week.

Will we finish strong heading into the NFL playoffs? We’ve had a pretty good season so far, so we hope to have a solid Week 17.

We pick every NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 17 of the 2015 NFL season.

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2015 NFL Week 6 – Betting Picks Against Spread

colts afc finalist nflPatriots and Colts fans have had this weekend’s upcoming game circled since the schedule was announced. The Patriots have dominated teams so far and the Colts just hope to get their quarterback on the field.

I went 7-6-1 last week against the spread. I felt pretty good about the outcome. I missed a few early games, but rebounded with the late games. I had two underdog moneyline plays that paid out.

A few players are returning from injuries this week and it doesn’t appear that the weather will play a huge factor this weekend. All eyes are on Andrew Luck since the Colts haven’t made it clear if he will start on Sunday night.

We pick every NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 6 of the 2015 NFL season.

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2015 NFL Week 4 – Betting Picks Against Spread

funny andrew luck indianapolis colts point spread picks NFL america's white boyI had a great week against the spread in Week 3. I had two weeks to look at the teams and adjusted the rankings I made this offseason.

I went 12-4 last week against the spread. I also just missed two games by a single point. I hope I stay hot this week in which there are some nice home underdogs.

Philadelphia, Detroit and Indianapolis all have yet to play up to the level I thought they’d be at right now. Philly is dealing with injuries in the backfield, Detroit has had a tough schedule so far and Indy appears like something is destroying the team from the inside.

We pick every NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 4 of the 2015 NFL season.

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2015 NFL Team Preview: Baltimore Ravens

weird Baltimore Ravens fan 2015 NFL team preview sports funnyThe Baltimore Ravens are on a nice run. They have been a perennial playoff team and haven’t had a losing season since 2007. It’s one of the longest streaks of efficiency in the NFL.

Okay, I think I’ve blown enough smoke up Baltimore’s wahoo. I don’t like their team this year. They’ve lost some huge pieces this offseason (Torrey Smith, Haloti Ngata, Pernell McPhee, etc). I don’t think you can expect a team to bounce back the following year after losing players of their caliber.

Former Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman takes over the offensive coordinator position from Gary Kubiak, who is now the head coach in Denver. Can Trestman regain his ‘quarterback guru’ reputation and make Joe Flacco’s naysayers admit he’s an elite quarterback?

Here is the 2015 NFL team preview for the Baltimore Ravens.

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2015 NFL Divisional Playoff Games – Betting Picks Against Spread

Rob Gronkowski funny New England Patriots NFL douchebagSorry about getting my picks up so late in the week. I’ve been on injured-reserve the last few days with a thumb/wrist issue. I feel like a pitcher who can’t hit 100 mph on the radar gun. I hope you still enjoy my 60 mph knuckleballs.

I finished the regular season with a record of 131-114-9 with my NFL picks against the spread. I missed a couple last week, but feel good about this week’s picks.

I had a decent year betting against the spread during the 2013-14 season (133-95-10). Any year you hit nearly 60% of the NFL games against the spread is a damn good year. I fared well in the playoffs as well.

We pick every game in the 2015 Divisional Playoffs against the spread. Can Dallas make people forget about all of last week’s favorable calls?

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