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PC vs. Console Gaming: What’s Best?

If there is one debate in gaming, it is the age old PC vs. console argument. Each of these gaming platforms has their pros, as well as their cons. Each also has its own league of fans behind it. The truth of the matter is that when it comes to whether PCs or consoles are best for gaming, it depends on personal preference, like many things in life.

The fact is that when it comes to ease of use, games consoles tend to be easier to use because they allow you to relax on the sofa while you game. Whereas PC gaming requires you to sit at a desk, using a computer, but that doesn’t mean that consoles are better than PCs, because it’s not just about ease, it’s also about the quality of the gaming and the complexity of it, too.

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Fantastic Ways To Exercise While Having Loads Of Fun

When it comes to keeping fit, there are many ways you can think outside of the box, rather than rely on the tried and trusted methods of going to the gym. We have compiled a list of some great activities you can get involved in, giving you a boost to your exercise routine while having loads of fun at the same time.

Take a moment to look at the ideas below.

Go for a hike with your mates

Want to escape from the stresses of your life? Take a hike up a mountain or through an area of natural beauty. There is nothing wrong in going for a good walk alone, but having your mates along will give you people to share the experience with.

Head out on your bike

Whether you take the freedom of the open road or go off road, biking can be an exhilarating experience, especially when going downhill. You will need your cycling essentials to keep you safe on your ride, as well as plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Hammering away at those bike pedals are a great way to get your blood pumping and building up your leg muscles, so if walking is too much for you, take the two-wheeled option.

Rock climbing

There are loads of great indoor climbing walls, but for the ultimate experience, you need to head outdoors and find a place to climb near you. Make like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 2, but remember that was a Hollywood movie, so you need the right climbing gear. Remember, you can still look like a badass despite wearing a helmet on your head.

Play video games

Do we ever need an excuse to play more video games? Nintendo and Xbox have some great motion control games, allowing you to use your entire body rather than the traditional games pad. From playing soccer to battling zombies, there are some great games that will keep you fit, without ever having to leave the house.


We aren’t talking about taking a dance class here, although there is no shame in doing so. Instead, hit the dance floor at your local club and bust a few moves! You will be sweating and burning off those calories in no time, while possibly impressing the ladies with your awesome dance skills.

Play with your kids

If you have a family, you will know how much kids like to play. Get out there and play, whether it’s something sporty or rolling around in the yard with them. You were young once, so you don’t need to let kids have all the fun, and you will suddenly become the coolest dad in the world.

Wield a sword

Okay, so take a moment before you wield an actual sword. What we are talking about here is Larping (live action role playing ), where you can reenact your Game of Thrones fantasy in a safe way. There is bound to be a group near you, so take a look online, and buy yourself an awesome fantasy costume, so you look totally awesome on the battlefield.
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Manly “Meditations”

Now, this isn’t about sitting cross-legged on the floor and chanting “om” until you see the inner light! Oh no! This is about picking the right hobby that makes you forget about your worries, and that’s really all that meditation is. If you can relax and forget the world by breathing deeply until you feel on another plain, then that’s great, but for a lot of us, being told to sit and think about nothing is not going to work. What about us that are so stressed in life, that being told to sit back and not get stressed isn’t going to work! Whether you’ve got a busy life, or you’re going through a tough time, there are things that many people do to get away from the world for five minutes, and here are a few.

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Podcast Starter Kit: “The Comedy Button”

Comedy+Button+Cast+Podcast+Itunes+ComedyIf you’re new to the podcast world and unsure about what to subscribe to on Itunes, we’re here to help.

We listen to various podcasts while we write, so we know some of the gems buried in the pile of bad podcasts in Itunes.

The Comedy Button is a comedy podcast made by guys in the video game industry. Many of the guys currently write at IGN or Geekbox. The cast includes: Anthony Gallegos, Ryan Scott, Brian Altano, Scott Bromley and Max Scoville.

A lot of the humor is very geek-oriented (video games, comic books), but once you listen to an episode, you’ll want to hear more.

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Causal market kills video games? Not yet.

A lot of numbers are in and it looks like another year of Nintendo domination. Along with that comes the chorus of forum bodies and comment-posters apathetically singing or debating the death or marginalizing of the core market. Yet a closer look at the numbers and you might be able to read something most people won’t see when they take a look at just what titles they were. 


Looking at just these 5 games in these 3 markets 3 of the 5 games are Nintendo with Mario Kart at the top spot. With GTA 4 and COD: World at War on the 3 and 5 spot respectfully. Mario Kart at number one was 24% of sales and Wii Fit was right behind that at 23%.  Neither of them  were at those 2 same spots in all 3 markets (USA, JAP, UK). Wii fits lowest ranking came in USA at 3 (20% 4.55 mil). The number 1 game here in the states is our own GTA 4 at 5.18 mil (22%). How did GTA do everywhere else? It did great in UK ( 2nd spot with 1.85 mil) but, not so good in Japan ( 256K for 4th out these 5). COD: WOW did pretty well here at 4.46 mill (19% which garnered them  4th).  In the UK they broke a mill and were 20% of the sales but the game wasn’t even released in Japan (for obvious reasons). But if it were and say that it got about the same as GTA 4 then you got Smash making a run for its money.
Also what are the positions in the Market? The USA is the biggest with a whopping 63% of total sales with UK at 20% and Japan at 17%. So we already know that USA has the biggest pull in the industry. GTA 4 US sales alone beat out Mario Kart in the other markets. 
So what is that telling me? That casual games  may not be taking over anytime soon. Sure you could say that not all these titles represent the top Japanese sales but their hardware sales have been slowing down.  In addition what is the real casual games here? Wii Fit is made for that market no doubt but some could argue that Mario Kart isn’t. Smash barely has any of the “dem Wii bowling is fun” motion controls and more complicated than what I would call casual. If the US and UK markets are growing then you’ll should start seeing that core games definitely are a viable market and may stave off that popular and sensational mentality of the death of it.

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