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Review: “Point Your Face At This” by Demetri Martin

Point Your Face At This Demetri MartinIf you’re a fan of stand-up comedy, you’re very familiar with Demetri Martin’s work.

Martin uses his drawings (and many venn diagrams) to enhance his comedy on stage. Most of his art is very simple and often portrays many common phrases using the most literal definition.

Martin just released a new book called Point Your Face At This. It’s a collection of drawings in the same style of the art he uses in his comedy routine.

You could assume that a book of his drawings would only be around 100 pages. Well, Martin is giving his readers their money’s worth…this book is 288 pages! Continue reading

Idolizing: Marc Maron

This is the fifth post in my Idolizing series. The first four recipients were people/things that inspire me. I dedicated posts to Aziz Ansari, Chuck Klosterman, Chuck Klosterman (again) and yes, even the McRib. In hindsight, I kind of think having a sandwich in this group is weird. I should send them a McDonald’s coupon for a McRib as a ‘thank you’ for inspiring me. The coupon would only be good for a few months every other year…depending on the region. I’m getting a bit off-topic, but you have an idea what I’m trying to do in my Idolizing blog series.

Marc Maron is a stand-up comedian and hosts WTF podcast with Marc Maron. He tours the country and self-releases podcasts twice per week. He hosts them in his garage, aka ‘Cat Ranch’ and has garnered praise for his candid interviews of his contemporaries in the comedy and entertainment world.. Continue reading

Louis C.K. Is A Funny Dude

I was listening to Bill Simmon’s podcast last week, “The B.S. Report,” and he had Patton Oswalt on and he was talking about funny comedians. He said that the funniest guy out there was Louis C.K. and I kind of agree. I ran a few posts concerning the best comedians out there and I have mentioned Brian Posehn and Mitch Fatel and I don’t know why I haven’t posted videos of Louis C.K. Here are some videos and why Louis C.K. is a funny dude.

Mr. C.K. was on the Tonight Show tonight with Megan Fox (wowzers!). He killed it and he is also in the upcoming movie, “The Invention Of Lying,” which stars Ricky Gervais. I see big things happening for him in the upcoming year and if you want to hear more of Louis C.K.’s stand-up, go out rent his stand-up special, “Chewed Up.” He is working on a new stand-up special, “Hilarious,” which may be out sometime this year. Here are some videos of some of Louis C.K.’s best work.

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Mike Birbiglia Is A Funny Dude

I was listening to the Bob & Tom morning show a couple years ago and I heard a guy named Mike Birbiglia on it a few times and found him hilarious. I went out and bought the “Two Drink Mike” album and it was worth the $15 dollar purchase at Best Buy. His stand-up is well done and his timing is nearly perfect. He’ll also be in Columbus, OH on October 1st, so I am anxiously awaiting his performance here. If you haven’t heard of this guy, I’ve posted a few Youtube videos for you to watch Mike Birbiglia do his thing.

Mike Birbiglia has been featured in about every kind of media out there. He has animated videos online, he has record albums, filmed a Comedy Central special called “What I Should Have Said Was Nothing,” he has a piece on the “Bob & Tom” radio show called “My Secret Public Journal,” and he had an off-broadway one-man show called, “Sleepwalk With Me.” He won a bunch of awards for his performance and some rumors circulated that he could actually move his show to Broadway, but that haven’t happened yet. Birbiglia is everywhere, plus he often appears on late-night talk shows to do a few minutes of material.

Check him out in a town near you, he’s currently hitting up college campus towns. He’s being promoted by Comedy Central in the “I’m In The Future Also” comedy tour. Here are a few clip of Mike Birbiglia, Enjoy!