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Toy Crazy: Mattel’s WWE Elite Series 56

I’m a self-confessed vintage toy nerd. I collect vintage wrestling action figures from the 80’s & 90’s. I started purchasing some vintage toys out of nostalgia. Well, WWE and Mattel sucked me into their new stuff. I now buy a few figures a month. You can view photos of my collection on my Instagram account.

The lineup for WWE Elite series 56 has been known for awhile (and I actually own a few of these figures right now). I fell behind on some of my toy reviews during football season. My betting picks and other gambling-related topics took over the site, so I didn’t have time to write up a couple posts about a hobby I enjoy.

Elite 56 has a couple first-ever elites and includes a couple top stars like AJ Styles and Roman Reigns. It’s a solid set, especially since we finally have The Club elites.

The WWE Superstars included in Elite 56 are AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Jack Gallagher, Roman Reigns & Samoa Joe.

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2018 NBA Trade Deadline Recap

The 2018 NBA Trade Deadline really kicked off when the Los Angeles Clippers traded superstar power forward Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons late in the night. The Clippers got a king’s random in return. Many thought DeAndre Jordan would be next to leave the Clippers, but he stayed put.

Other big trades that happened in-between the Griffin deal and today were Nikola Mirotic going to New Orleans for a mess of veteran and picks. I also think Charlotte’s acquisition of center Willy Hernangomez could be huge. He’s a talented guy, but was stuck behind some talented bigs on the Knicks.

Today’s trades didn’t disappoint as much as previous years’ trade deadlines. There were a couple really nice trades and a ton of depth trades.

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Super Bowl 52 – Betting Picks Against Spread & Prop Bets

I LOVE prop bets. I actually get more joy out of betting Super Bowl prop bets than betting against the spread. Yes, most are a crap shoot, but with the right research, you can end up winning bets with very favorable odds.

I’m not saying you can research who will win the coin toss, but there are many other player and team prop bets out there that have nice odds.

Some prop bets aren’t worth the money (the vig isn’t worth the slight risk), but sometimes you just have to lay a few bucks down, cross your fingers and wish for the best.

I picked out some of the most popular (and the most absurd) prop bets for Super Bowl 52 (or Super Bowl LII for Roman numeral fans)…and we also pick the game against the spread.

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Review: NXT Takeover: Philadelphia

NXT always starts out the weekend the right way for the ‘Big 4’ WWE pay-per-views. There hasn’t been a bad one yet, so NXT Takeover: Philadelphia had a huge task of living up to all the past Takeover events…and it exceeded expectations.

WWE keeps raiding NXT for talent and Triple H keeps finding great indie wrestling talent to mix with the young guys they have down there starting from scratch. Many thought the entire brand would go down a few pegs after wrestlers like Shunsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode and Asuka were promoted the main roster, but this Takeover event was up there with the best all-around NXT shows of all-time.

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If you’ve made a promise to yourself this year to get fit – congratulations! This is the first step to a better (and more importantly) healthier life. The thing is, it’s not just about introducing salads into your home, and running around the block once and again. Yes, you will probably lose a few pounds, but it won’t do much else. If you want one of those toned, sculpted bodies you see in fitness magazines, then you’re gonna have to put in the work.

You gotta change it up!

Cardio isn’t enough. Simple. All this will do is burn calories and fat, which is good, but just not enough. Girls, if you want one of those perfect peach butts – and guys, if you want those thighs of steel, then you’re going to have to introduce weight training. Also, don’t go to the gym every day and work the same thing – you gotta change it up! The reason being, if you only ever do one area, with the same exercises, your body will get used it. Yeah, the first week your body will be exhausted, but then it’ll soon adapt, and you won’t be pushed anymore. You’ll get comfortable, and your body will stop working as hard because it just becomes a habit. So when you’re planning your weekly workout routine, make sure it goes a little like this: Leg day and butt day. Chest and abs day. Shoulder and back day. Cardio day. Then a day off, also known as cheat day, (which is a requirement!)

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2018 NFL Conference Championship Games – Betting Picks Against Spread

I went 3-0-1 against the spread last week, but whiffed in my over/under picks. The last-second touchdown from Vikings WR Stefon Diggs helped me avoid a loss. I was really hoping they would kick the extra point, but they downed it instead, which lead to a push.

Weather ‘might’ be a factor since both Conference Championship games are being played outdoors. Keep a close eye on weather reports and make sure there isn’t a snowstorm or an arctic blast that pops up this weekend.

Should the Patriots really be a nine-point favorite against the Jaguars?

Can Case Keenum pull out another miracle and lead the Vikings to the Super Bowl?

We pick both NFL Conference Championship games against the spread.

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The 30 Hottest Female Athletes of the 2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea will begin in early February. We want to make sure our readers are as informed as possible. We have logged in a couple hours scouting the female ‘talent’ who will compete in this year’s Winter Olympic games.

We wanted to make sure that we only list the female olympians you will see during the telecast on NBC. Every female athlete in this post (should) be there barring injury or failed trial attempt.

This year’s list took a hit when the Russia team was hit with a ban and there was a doping scandal in freestyle skiing that took out a few from our 2014 Winter Olympics list.

This list of the 30 hottest/sexiest female athletes who will compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics come from a wide range of sports. We have ladies who compete in snowboarding, curling, bobsledding, skiing and even hockey! A few of the names will be familiar to you, but we have picked out a few sleepers who will turn heads and make appearances on every sports blog the day after their event.

Have a seat, open a beer, and enjoy the view…

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Daniel Bryan Betting Odds Skyrocket to Win Royal Rumble

Daniel Bryan hasn’t been an active wrestler in the WWE since early 2015. He has been on the shelf since WWE’s doctor (Dr. Joseph Maroon) has medically disqualified him due to concussions. He has fought back with dozens of other doctors clearing him to wrestle, but WWE fears an NFL-level concussion lawsuit, is being cautious when dealing with concussions.

Bryan has been a character on WWE television the last 18 months or so, but he’s just a power figure as the Smackdown Live! General Manager. He is just marking time until his contract ends this September, since he has no guarantee he will wrestle for them again.

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