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Review: “Closer” by Kevin Neary

Closer+Kevein +Neary+Book+MLB+Brad+LidgeIn baseball, the closer position is still the newest position in baseball. The term didn’t come into the baseball lexicon until the 1970s.

In today’s game, having a good closer has been part of the equation for success. Even though a closer’s role has changed greatly since its inception. Today’s closer only pitch one inning at most. Closers like Bruce Sutter and Goose Gossage (both in the Baseball Hall of Fame) often pitched multiple innings.

Closer by Kevin Neary and Leigh A. Tobin chronicles the careers of various closers over the years. They break down closer in three different eras (“The Early Years”, The Transition Years” & “The Modern Day Closer”).

We review Closer and let you know why this book is a must-have for every baseball historian. Continue reading

Review: Any Given Monday by Dr. James Andrews

Any+Given+Sunday+Dr+James+Andrews+BookAs a fan, you dread hearing “Player X visited Dr. James Andrews this morning”, because you know an athlete most likely suffered a major injury. He is the most famous orthopedic surgeon on Earth. He specializes in ulner collateral ligament reconstruction, otherwise known as Tommy John surgery, ACL reconstruction surgery, and other major procedures. He is also the team doctor for Auburn and Alabama universities and the NFL’s Washington Redskins.

Any Given Monday: Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them, For Athletes, Parents, and Coaches – Based on My Life in Sports Medicine  was written by Dr. Andrews with Don Yaeger. It’s an informative book on injuries in youth sports and methods to help reduce them.

Here is our review of Dr. Andrews’ book, Any Given Monday. Continue reading

Review – "WWE: Undertaker – The Streak" DVD

The Undertaker has the most impressive winning streak in professional wrestling history. He has won every match he has wrestled in at Wrestlemania. He is a perfect 20-0 and counting.

“WWE: Undertaker – The Streak” is a compilation of every match The Undertaker has ever wrestled at Wrestlemania. The four-disc set is a must-have for any professional wrestling fan. This collection is something a fan could watch for years to come and show it to their children.

If you’re a fan of The Undertaker, buying “The Streak” can save you hundreds of dollars and precious time. You may already own most of the Wrestlemania DVDs, but to watch The Undertaker’s matches, you will not have to locate them and find his match. You will now have every match at your fingertips. If you’re only an The Undertaker fan, you will not have to buy a few of the Wrestlemania DVDs that you wouldn’t normally own (although I recommend buying the WWE’s Wrestlemania box-set). Continue reading

Review: "Wherever I Wind Up" by R.A. Dickey

“No one grows up wanting to be a knuckleball pitcher,” is a quote from the memoir of New York Mets starting pitcher R.A. Dickey. Wherever I Wind Up (Penguin/Blue Rider Press) is a book about personal strength, redemption, and the discovery of one’s faith. Dickey was an English Literature major at the University of Tennessee and wrote the book with the help of New York Daily News  reporter Wayne Coffey.

Wherever I Wind Up starts off with the story of how his signing bonus of $810k was taken away after an evaluation found that he didn’t have an ulna collateral ligament. The doctors were baffled that he could even turn a doorknob without being in pain. The signing bonus was reduced to 75k and was sent to low-level minor league affiliate of the Texas Rangers. This was one the first obstacles that Dickey had to overcome. The book goes from self-deprecating humor to some dark moments of his life. Continue reading

Review – "Baseball Fantography" by Andy Strasberg

Are you tired of baseball books with the same boring stock photos? You will not get that with Baseball Fantography by Andy Strasberg. This is a collection of photographs from fans that capture the intimate and personal lives of your favorite baseball players from the past and present. Strasberg began this project when he found an old picture of him with Roger Maris at Yankee Stadium in 1966. He hadn’t seen the photo in decades and a nostalgic feeling came over him. He knew that there were other people who had old baseball photos that would have a similar feeling. This is a timeless record of the fans’ baseball experience…by the fans, for the fans. Continue reading

Review – "Baseball Americana" by Harry Katz

Harper Collins has published a great coffee table book entitled “Baseball Americana.” It’s by Harry Katz, Frank Ceresi, Phil Michel, Wilson McBee, and Susan Reyburn, it’s a lot of people’s names, but it’s a big book. There are so many great pictures and information in this book from the Library of Congress. There’s even a panoramic picture of the first Black World Series in 1924. Here is my review of “Baseball Americana”…

I’m a huge baseball fan and when I can read a book about the historical past of baseball, I jump at the opportunity. Some of the things in “Baseball Americana” are things that aren’t shown in any other book. Some of the material that this books includes are a picture baseball being played in 1787, the first ever baseball card, a rare color photograph of Satchel Paige, and even a lithograph of the first ever professional team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869. Continue reading

Review – Chuck Klosterman "Eating The Dinosaur"

Thanks to the great people over at Scribner, I was able to get a review copy of the much-anticipated new book from Chuck Klosterman. I have been very vocal about my love for his writing on this site and “Walk The Dinosaur” definitely quenched my thirst for some new material from him. Here is my book review for “Eating The Dinosaur” by Chuck Klosterman.

This book is in the vein of “Sex, Drugs, & Cocoa Puffs,” more so than any of his previous books. It’s all new material, so it’s not like Chuck Klosterman IV, which was a collection of mostly previously published material. Continue reading

Review – Doc’s Sports 2009 Football Journal

Doc’s Sports sent over their 2009 Complete Football Journal which has the complete schedule of college and NFL football and much more. I looked through this publication from cover to cover and there are is a ton of information that anyone who is in a fantasy football league, casual or avid sports betters, or even just a casual fan that is in a pool at their workplace can use. Check out this review and see where you can get a copy of your own.

Doc’s Sports, which has been in the sports betting business for 38 years, has issued their 38th annual guide for the hardcore football fan. The information that is compiled in this book is extremely useful. You have the scores from the entire 2008 college football season, 2008 trends from the NFL season, and some tidbits for each week of the season for college and NFL games. Continue reading