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The Best Trips To Take With The Family

Even though summer is coming to a close, there’s never a bad time of year to take a trip out with the family for a day or a weekend. This doesn’t have to mean a few days of sun in Europe or along the coast. A trip with the family just needs to be an adventure, and there are many different ways in which you could find something to get the whole family pumped for some bonding time.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you’re all spending time together. It doesn’t matter what you do so much as who you’re spending it with. That being said, there are good trips to take and bad trips. A history lesson at the local museum might not be exactly what your children were hoping for when they wanted a break from school more than anything else. Here are some ideas for the best trips you could take with the family during this summer or perhaps even autumn if you need a little planning time.

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The Sports You Might Not Have Heard About Before

Are you a keen sports fan? Think you know all there is to know about sports? Take a look at this list of sports you might not have heard about before, and you’ll realize there is a lot more to sports than football and hockey, as fantastic as they are…


Like basketball? Enjoy trampolining? You’ll love Slamball – a sport which combines the two. In Slamball, players use strategically placed trampolines to make the act of slam dunking the ball much easier and a lot more fun too. Unlike basketball, Slamball is a full contact sport, where players can often be seen slamming their bodies together in mid-air, which means it’s quite aggressive and broken bones and bruising are not uncommon.

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Why You Need to Spend More Time in Nature

Too few people turn to nature when they need a break. An outdoor adventure really might be the precise thing you need; people need breaks when they’ve had enough of their everyday reality, and that reality is rarely something that involves the beauty of the outdoors. It usually involves drab offices, endless computer use, uncomfortable commutes, stressful obligations. It gets suffocating, stressful, boring.

Outdoor breaks can be great for your mental and physical health; not only do many of them require more from your from a physical standpoint, but the temporary severing between you and the dry modern world of technology and business can do wonders for your stress levels and overall positivity. Here are just a few of the benefits that nature can provide to you!

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Fantastic Ways To Exercise While Having Loads Of Fun

When it comes to keeping fit, there are many ways you can think outside of the box, rather than rely on the tried and trusted methods of going to the gym. We have compiled a list of some great activities you can get involved in, giving you a boost to your exercise routine while having loads of fun at the same time.

Take a moment to look at the ideas below.

Go for a hike with your mates

Want to escape from the stresses of your life? Take a hike up a mountain or through an area of natural beauty. There is nothing wrong in going for a good walk alone, but having your mates along will give you people to share the experience with.

Head out on your bike

Whether you take the freedom of the open road or go off road, biking can be an exhilarating experience, especially when going downhill. You will need your cycling essentials to keep you safe on your ride, as well as plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Hammering away at those bike pedals are a great way to get your blood pumping and building up your leg muscles, so if walking is too much for you, take the two-wheeled option.

Rock climbing

There are loads of great indoor climbing walls, but for the ultimate experience, you need to head outdoors and find a place to climb near you. Make like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 2, but remember that was a Hollywood movie, so you need the right climbing gear. Remember, you can still look like a badass despite wearing a helmet on your head.

Play video games

Do we ever need an excuse to play more video games? Nintendo and Xbox have some great motion control games, allowing you to use your entire body rather than the traditional games pad. From playing soccer to battling zombies, there are some great games that will keep you fit, without ever having to leave the house.


We aren’t talking about taking a dance class here, although there is no shame in doing so. Instead, hit the dance floor at your local club and bust a few moves! You will be sweating and burning off those calories in no time, while possibly impressing the ladies with your awesome dance skills.

Play with your kids

If you have a family, you will know how much kids like to play. Get out there and play, whether it’s something sporty or rolling around in the yard with them. You were young once, so you don’t need to let kids have all the fun, and you will suddenly become the coolest dad in the world.

Wield a sword

Okay, so take a moment before you wield an actual sword. What we are talking about here is Larping (live action role playing ), where you can reenact your Game of Thrones fantasy in a safe way. There is bound to be a group near you, so take a look online, and buy yourself an awesome fantasy costume, so you look totally awesome on the battlefield.
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Manly “Meditations”

Now, this isn’t about sitting cross-legged on the floor and chanting “om” until you see the inner light! Oh no! This is about picking the right hobby that makes you forget about your worries, and that’s really all that meditation is. If you can relax and forget the world by breathing deeply until you feel on another plain, then that’s great, but for a lot of us, being told to sit and think about nothing is not going to work. What about us that are so stressed in life, that being told to sit back and not get stressed isn’t going to work! Whether you’ve got a busy life, or you’re going through a tough time, there are things that many people do to get away from the world for five minutes, and here are a few.

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Top 5 Summer Sports To Get Involved In

Perhaps you are a fitness newbie, or maybe you are an active gym-goer who can’t seem to make it off of the treadmill or out of the weights room. Either way, If you want to get fit this summer and make the most of the sun and it’s probably all-too-limited time with us before Autumn arrives, then get out of the gym, splash on some sunscreen and consider going for the following sports, and who knows, you might even get a tan.

Ranging from different levels of difficulty, most of the following sports can be tailored to your knowledge and experience, meaning that anyone can take part, from absolute beginners all the way to professional athletes.

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5 Sports That Are Perfect For Trying This Summer

Summer months give us some of the best conditions to be outside and enjoy some fresh air. What’s more, it is easier to get out and about and get your heart pumping with some outdoor sports when the weather is warm and dry. And with school being out for weeks on end in summer, there tends to be a lot of sports programs that are available to try. So if you’re looking to try something new over the next few weeks, then here are some sports that will be perfect to try.


Combining being outdoors with water is one of the best things about summer. And one sport that you might never have tried before is kayaking. You don’t have to have a lake nearby either; there are plenty of opportunities in other locations. Some lessons might even just start in a large swimming pool. It is a great upper body workout, as well as working your cardio.

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How to Organize a Surf Event

pexels surfing big waveAre you planning on organizing a surfing event? Surfing competitions can be great fun for all involved. However, they also involve a lot of planning, as there are many different aspects that come together to create a great event. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow in order to organize a surf event.


You should begin the initial stages of planning the event at least four months before you intend to host the surfing competition. This stage should involve meetings with all relevant parties so that you can establish some key details, including:

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