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Sweetbob’s Hipster Music Playlist: October 2017

I had fun with this month’s playlist. I have spent a ton of time alone with my Spotify this month. It was a nice distraction while writing some of my gambling posts this month. I let the betting lines marinate in my head a bit before I research games.

This might be the last month I use an ‘overtime’ section to add some extra tracks that missed last month’s playlist. I guess it depends how much new stuff gets released, but the Winter can be a slow time for new music.

I’m loving the new stuff from Alvvays, St. Vincent, Smallpools and Gang of Youths. They have been all-stars the last two playlists. Go check out the new stuff from those bands.

I always keep an ear out for new music. I love discovering new bands/songs, it’s a habit from my days as a music journalist. Even though this is mostly a sports blog, I still add quite a bit of music and pop culture content. Keep sending me tracks via email or Twitter.

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Drummin’ Ain’t Easy: Quick And Dirty Ways To Be A Better Live Drummer

Drummers are a rare breed, they have rhythm in their soul, and they are called to share this gift with everyone through live performance. But drumming isn’t easy, and it takes a fair amount of dedication to the craft as well as inherent skill to succeed at. With that in mind read on for some ways you can improve your live performance.

You have to be fit

Drumming is a wholly physical activity. You have to be at the top of your game to really bang those cans. So make sure of that you take care of your body as well as your kit. That means hardcore arm workouts with heavy weights like the one at that are also useful for if you want to go sleeveless or shirtless on stage.

It doesn’t hurt to do a bit of cardio either. As all that sitting down behind the kit and revelry on tour can encourage the beginning of a beer belly. So hit the gym or go for a run once in awhile, your heart with thank you for it too.

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Sweetbob’s Hipster Music Playlist: September 2017

I had an easy time making this month’s playlist. I had a few leftovers from last month’s packed playlist and other tracks by a few artists that appeared on the playlist in August. I’ve been keeping up with the candidates all month.

I don’t expect it to be 30 going forward, but I was just finding so much great stuff the last couple months. I still have some leftovers and are added at the bottom of the list in the Overtime section.

The rate of awesome music being released the last few months is just insane. I usually try to post this either a few days before the month or a day or two into the next. I made the cut this month. I still cut a lot of music out, but a few will appear on next month’s playlist

I always keep an ear out for new music. I love discovering new bands/songs, it’s a habit from my days as a music journalist. Even though this is mostly a sports blog, I still add quite a bit of music and pop culture content. Keep sending me tracks via email or Twitter.

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Are You The Next Stephen Malkmus?

Just in case you don’t know who Stephen Malkmus is, he’s the lead singer of the classic American indie band Pavement. You know that group that was signed to Matador Records and had the hits Zurich is Stained and Grounded? Phew! Now that we have that cleared up we can get on to the rest of the article, something that is all about how to actually be successful in the music industry like our good friend SM. However, things have changed somewhat since Pavement Started out in 1989 in the music biz. Which means it’s a whole different landscape for today’s musicians to navigate. Although that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. In fact, if anything it may be a little easier for those with talent and drive to succeed in today’s music industry. Keep reading to find out why.

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Make Listening to Music Better

So, you love listening to music, but sometimes you feel like you aren’t getting as much out of the experience as you could. Your headphones are tinny, your favorite songs are hard to find, and you’re sick of listening to the same tracks even though you do love them. Fear not! There are so many things you can do to make music listening better.

Here are just a few simple changes you can make to improve your experience with music:

Become a Social Listener

Instead of always listening to music alone with your headphones on, become a social listener. Buy the Best Boombox you can afford and take it to the park.Let your friends stream their favorite jams to your device, and you might just discover something new.

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How To Achieve Your Unrealistic Dream Of Being A Rock Star

It doesn’t matter whether you are determined rocker that plays from dusk until dawn or someone that just likes to strum on an acoustic every so often after work, everyone holds the same dream in the back of their heads: to make it as a serious musician. If you’re shaking your head then you’re simply lying to yourself. Even during those moments where you quit and say you’ll never play again, you know you can’t possibly quit, the hope you hold is just too intense.

The good news is, your unrealistic dreams are totally achievable. Yes, it requires years of practice, a solid amount of dedication, a few knocks and a lovely thick layer of luck, but it is still totally doable. And we’re going to help you out by giving you a little slice of advice. Now start believing you’re the next big thing and you’re halfway there.

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The Way You Listen To Music Totally Sucks

Music has been transforming lives since its very first inception. Don’t believe us, then just explain how it is that Plato (who was around almost 2500 years ago) managed to give the power of music the best description of all time when he said, “music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” That is what music means to people, as poignant and dramatic as it may be.

But as much as you love your music, your listening experience may be lacking a little bit. It just may not be all that you hoped it was or all that it deserves to be. That is why we have come up with a list of ways you can upgrade your listening experience from every angle imaginable.

Sort Out Your Library

Unfortunately, the days of having box after box of vinyl are gone (even though a resurgence is in full swing). Instead, digital music libraries are the thing. Which begs the question, how can you enjoy your music if you can’t find it? So whilst it may not be the sexiest fix, just cleaning up your iTunes, favoriting your hipster music playlist and rearranging your Spotify can be well worth the effort.

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Did You Know Your Commute Doesn’t Have To Suck

Look at this word: commute. Now think about how that word made you feel. We’re guessing the answer is shaken, upset, angry, sick and a multitude of similarly horrifying words. But what if there was a way to make your commute more, well, fun. Yeah, that’s right, fun. Just because commuting is associated with going to and from work, doesn’t mean you can’t make it the best part of your day (apart from watching the latest episode of WWE: Smackdown before bed).

So, to help you make your commute less like the death from a thousand blades that it is, we have come up with a list of gear that could totally transform your life. Oh, don’t worry, there’s no need to thank us.

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