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reDRAFT – 2010 NFL Draft

People often try to grade professional sports drafts immediately after they’re done. It’s easy to just play armchair general manager the next day. The NFL team that drafts the most popular players from teams with the largest college football fanbases, get the highest draft grades. No one is giving a team an A+ to a team that drafts an offensive lineman from Idaho.

Since the 2017 NFL season kicks off this week, it’s time to look back at an older NFL Draft and redraft based on how well the player has played in the NFL.

This list isn’t “pick the top 32 players and list them from best to worst” redraft. I try to factor in what the team needed in 2010. I’m not going to pick the St. Louis Rams drafting Rob Gronkowski first overall, cause the team didn’t even have a quarterback to throw to him. 

Which players would be taken in the first-round in a ‘redrafted’ 2010 NFL Draft?

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2016 Fantasy Football Rankings – Top 75 Wide Receivers

antonio brown funny pittsburgh steelers top 75 fantasy football fantasy rankings 2016I don’t know if you’ve read the memo, but the NFL is a passing league. It has been a passing league for quite awhile and wide receivers have been slowly creeping up higher and higher in fantasy football drafts.

Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald were once the only two wide receivers, for quite awhile, that a fantasy owner would even consider drafting in the first round. A lot has changed.

If you go by most fantasy mock drafts, wide receivers dominate the first round. Many drafts even have the first four picks dedicated to wide receivers. Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown will be the number #1 overall pick in nearly every fantasy draft this season. The position is quite top-heavy, yet deep.

Here is our top 75 wide receiver rankings for fantasy football in 2016.

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2015 NFL Team Preview: Dallas Cowboys

crazy Dez Bryant 2015 NFL team preview Dallas Cowboys weird funnyEverything went right for the Dallas Cowboys during the 2014 regular season. DeMarco Murray was a beast, Tony Romo played like an elite quarterback and their defense showed up for the first time in years. It was a perfect storm leading to a 12-4 record. They fell short in the postseason thanks to a bogus referee call.

It will take another season of the Cowboys getting a Pro Bowl-level from the running back, Tony Romo and their defense for them to get to double-digit wins this year. DeMarco Murray is now in Philly, so Dallas could have some issues moving the ball on the ground. Their offensive line is great, so it could all happen again.

Here is the 2015 NFL team preview for the Dallas Cowboys.

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2013 Fantasy Football: Top 50 Wide Receiver Rankings

Julio-Jones-Fantasy-Football-FunnyHere we go again. NFL training camps are right around the corner and we start to focus on fantasy football. It’s never to early to begin studying, right?

Calvin Johnson had a better statistical season than Jerry Rice and Randy Moss last season. Do you think he’ll regress in 2013? Nope, not a chance.

The #2 spot is up for grabs with A.J. Green, Julio Jones and Brandon Marshall the consensus favorite to be ranked at that spot.

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2012 NFL Team Preview: Dallas Cowboys

Hello, Miss Jaime Edmondson. If you become bored with Evan Longoria’s dapper-ness, give me a call, Boo…I told you guys you would see more of her in our NFL team previews.

If the Dallas Cowboys don’t win the Super Bowl, their fans call for Tony Romo’s job and complain that Jerry Jones doesn’t know what he’s doing. I agree with the second statement, but Romo is a top-10 quarterback in the NFL.

They have much bigger issues than Romo and Jones. The Cowboys’ backfield is messy and injury-prone, the secondary has been their Achilles’ Heel and Dez Bryant’s off-the-field problems are the top three issues for Dallas. If they can solve two of those problems, they’ll be a title contender.

Here’s our 2012 team preview for the Dallas Cowboys.

2011 Win/Loss Record: 8-8

Key Additions: CB Brandon Carr, QB Kyle Orton, S Brodney Pool, LB Dan Connor, OG Mackenzy Bernadeau, OT Pat McQuistan, FB Lawrence Vickers, OG Nate Livings, CB Morris Claiborne, TE James Hanna, DE Tyrone Crawford, LB Kyle Wilber and S Matt Johnson.

Key Losses: TE Martellus Bennett, S Abram Elam, CB Terrence Newman, WR Laurent Robinson, S Gerald Sensabaugh, P Mat McBriar, LB Keith Brooking, CB Alan Ball, FB Tony Fiammetta, LB Bradie James and QB Jon Kitna.

Non-Division Schedule: AFC North and NFC South

Fantasy SleepersTE James Hanna & RB Phillip Tanner – Jason Witten has played ten seasons and is 30 years old. The Cowboys run plenty of 2-TE sets and Hanna is the next best tight end on the roster. He was impressive in college at Oklahoma and is in line to be Witten’s successor. He is a big target for Tony Romo and has nice hands. As far as Phillip Tanner goes, DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones are both injury risks. If Murray goes down at any point this season, Tanner will assume his role. Jones will stay as the change-of-pace back this year.

Team Analysis: I have been high on the Cowboys for the past five seasons, but I always change my mind by July. They make stupid signings and let key veterans walk in lieu of ‘sexy free agent’ signings. This past off-season, Dallas refrained from throwing a bunch of money at the best available free agent wide receiver and wisely used their available cap space. They added depth to their team by signing Orton to backup Romo and signed Pool and Carr to strengthen their secondary…smart moves. Dallas has some nice young pieces on offense. If Bryant can keep his nose clean and their running backs stay healthy, they will be one of the top-scoring offenses in the league. Their upgraded secondary will be tested this season. The NFC East has firepower at quarterback, but so does the NFC South, which they’ll be playing against this season. A lot of things have to go right for the Cowboys to win twelve games this season, but I think everything finally lines up for Romo.

2012 Wins Over/Under Line: 8.5 (Prediction: OVER)

2012 Projected Win/Loss Record: 12-4

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Dez Bryant Arrested After Slapping His Mother

After the parade of arrests that plagued this NFL offseason, Dez Bryant finds himself as the Grand Marshall.

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was arrested on Monday on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence from an incident that occurred last Saturday. He turned himself in and was released on $1,500 bail.

The local police says that Bryant allegedly “slapped his mother across the face and pulled her hair.” Bryant’s mother says that she had pain and swelling from the assault.

Should the NFL step in and discipline Bryant or should the Dallas Cowboys do the right thing and take care of their own players? Is this the last straw or does Bryant deserve and third or fourth chance?

Let’s paint a clear picture of what kind of off-seasons Bryant has had since his rookie season.

He was first arrested in a Dallas area mall for using inappropriate language and wearing saggy pants.

Aside from stealing something, do you realize how hard it is to get arrested at a mall? I’ve done some pretty insane things in malls as a youth and I’ve never been arrested. I had a security guard chase me around for something my friend had done, but Paul Blart’s stunt double couldn’t catch us.

Bryant then found himself in handcuffs again in January when he had an alleged altercation at a Miami Beach nightclub. He was detained, but never charged with a crime.

Both of these incidents seem minor in the shadow of his recent altercation.

Dallas needs to realize that they need to do something to control Bryant before his actions get even more out of control. If he can slap his own mother, he could easily find himself in a Pacman Jones-like situation. A bad temper is a magnet for trouble.

Deion Sanders used to be Bryant’s mentor, but since the mall incident, the two haven’t kept in touch. He needs another figure who has been in his shoes and can lead him away from causing trouble and build him up. I agree with Dan Graziano from ESPN Dallas, who wrote a post about how the Cowboys need to help him, not dump him.

I do believe that Dallas should suspend him for a few games and police themselves. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will step in and punish him if the Cowboys don’t punish Bryant and/or not punish him enough.

This is bigger than football. The man is lost. No one should ever strike their mother. I hope he finds his way before he finds himself in jail for something even worse.


A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.