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America’s White Boy’s 2016 MLB Un-All-Star Team

pablo sandoval boston red sox fat funny america's white boy 2016 MLB Un-All-Star TeamIt has become a yearly tradition that we look at all the former MLB All-Stars that aren’t having very good years.

The season is a little more than half over and it’s not too late for some of these players to bounce back and turn their seasons around. You can look at our Un-All-Star team article last year, many bounced back and finished strong.

Since I’m an active fantasy baseball owner, it didn’t take me long to make this list. A few of these guys were on my teams early this season, but were quickly dropped. I spent most of my time just baffled that some of these guys were actually All-Stars at one point.

The old benchmark for an All-Star was thrown out with the bathwater when Bud Selig decided each team must have at least one representative in the All-Star Game.

Here is America’s White Boy‘s 2016 MLB Un-All-Star team.

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2016 MLB Season Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers

Kenta-Maeda-los-angeles-dodgers-2016-mlb-season-preview-americas-white-boyThe Los Angeles Dodgers have a bottomless pile of money to spend and some of the greatest baseball minds working in their front office. It’s probably only a matter of time before they win a World Series, right?

I believe the Dodgers will win at least one World Series during Andrew Friedman’s tenure as team president, but some changes were needed to be made this offseason.

Don Mattingly was on the hot seat for nearly his entire run as manager. They finally let him go in favor of Dave Roberts.

Will the Dodgers make any other big moves this season as the front office continues to improve the roster?

Here is the 2016 MLB season preview for the Los Angels Dodgers.

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2015 MLB Team Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers 2015 MLB team preview Ceelo Green funny weird shirtlessThe Los Angeles Dodgers have one of the best rosters in the Majors. They are loaded with established veterans, enthusiastic youth and one of the best starting rotations in the league. This could be a big season for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers have deep pockets and have been throwing money at players since they signed their lucrative TV deal. They didn’t splurge this offseason on free agents, but they did do some targeted trades. They knew what they needed and went out and filled holes.

Don Mattingly has been on the hot seat since the Dodgers hired him. He has dealt with lofty expectations and um, Yasiel Puig’s antics. Can he corral Puig’s shenanigans and keep him in line this season?

Here is the 2015 MLB season preview for the Los Angels Dodgers.

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Sweetbob’s Fantasy Baseball F*ck/Marry/Kill – Week 4

Sweetbob's Fantasy Baseball F/M/KThis is the first installment of “Sweetbob’s Fantasy Baseball F*ck, Marry, Kill” of the young baseball season. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer all of them. You can email me at

Welcome to “Sweetbob’s Fantasy F*ck, Marry, Kill”…

Before I begin, let’s go over the F/M/K terminology. The guys I list under “F*ck” are guys that are currently hot and you need to pick them up. “Marry”, are guys that you need to stick with, even if they are struggling a bit. “Kill”, are guys that you need to think about dropping for better players in the free agent pool.

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2014 MLB Team Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers

Hot Sexy Alyssa Milano Los Angeles Dodgers Fan 2014 MLB Team PreviewThe Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t look like a very good team early in the season. Manager Don Mattingly actually looked like he was about to be canned. They called up Yasiel Puig and suddenly became the best team in baseball.

The Dodgers have deep pockets and have been throwing money at players since they signed their lucrative TV deal. They signed Clayton Kershaw to a long-term deal and have a half dozen players making more than $15 million this season.

Can Yasiel Puig repeat last season’s breakout season? Will Matt Kemp be moved before the end of the season?

Here is the 2014 MLB season preview for the Los Angels Dodgers.

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2013 MLB Team Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers

forsaleThe Los Angeles Dodgers are officially all-in on competing for a World Series win in 2013. The Magic Johnson-led ownership group are working on finalizing a TV deal that’s upwards of $7 billion dollars over the course of the deal. They have the money to sign every major free agent and they started with signing pitcher Zack Greinke.

Will the ex-Boston group of Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett bounce back from an ugly 2012 season?

Is Don Mattingly a lame duck manager or will the Dodgers sign him to a new deal soon?

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Red Sox-Dodgers Near Blockbuster Trade

In what could be the biggest trade this season, the Boston Red Sox are about to unload three of their biggest pieces to the Los Angeles Dodgers. According to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports, the deal would send Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Nick Punto to Los Angeles for James Loney, Jerry Sands, Ivan De Jesus and prospects Rubby De La Rosa and Allen Webster. Boston would also be kicking in money to complete the deal.

Los Angeles was awarded waiver claims for both Gonzalez and Beckett. Crawford and Punto previously went unclaimed and cleared waivers. Beckett has 10-and-5 rights, so he would have to grant permission to be traded. Crawford only has a partial no-trade clause.

The 2011 season has been a forgettable one in Boston. The turmoil that surrounded the 2010 squad that leaked to Terry Francona’s firing, has leaked into this season. To make matters worse in Boston, many players have had issues with new manager Bobby Valentine. Gonzalez was rumored to have sent a text to management wanting a meeting about Valentine. It was later said that former teammate Kelly Shopppach sent the text from Gonzo’s phone.

The Dodgers haven’t shied away from claiming big ticket players who were put on waivers after the non-waiver trade deadline. They claimed Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee earlier this month, but Philadelphia pulled him from waivers and no trade was made.

Los Angeles are neck and neck with the San Francisco Giants in the NL West race. They have new ownership and are able to open up the checkbook. The news owners want to make a splash and bring the Dodgers back to its past glory days under manager Tommy Lasorda.

Now, if only a team would claim John Lackey, Boston could start rebuilding the team from scratch.


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Fantasy God – Evan Longoria

Evan Longoria was deemed the savior of the Tampa Bay Rays, much like Jay Bruce is being coined in Cincinnati. Longoria was supposed to be the starting 3rd basemen at the start of the season, but the team wanted to give him a month in the minors to ease him into the league. They saw Longoria as more of a Ryan Bruan-type talent that needed a month in the minors to sharpen up before making his major league debut. This was a smart idea, since the Kansas City Royals had a similar scenario last season with their prospect, Alex Gordon. He ended up struggling his first two months in the Majors, but ended up turning it on towards the end of the season.

Evan Longora was finally brought up the majors in mid-April with much fanfare. He started out hot, but cooled down in May. He has been a monster in June, he has hit over half of his 15 homers so far this month. He has been extraordinarily hot over the past week. He has hit 4 homers, driven in 12 runs and batting .448. Some would suspect that his hot streak is due to inter-league play, but I think it should carry on throughout the rest of the season.

Tampa Bay is off to its best start in franchise history (48-32) and are in contention for both the AL East crown or the Wild-Card spot this season. Longoria, Carl Crawford, Scott Kazmir, and B.J. Upton arer the thank for their surprisingly great start. If Carlos Pena ever gets back his power stroke and they somehow get Rocco Baldelli back healthy, this team will not only be playoff-worthy this season, but the nucleus is young and should be great for years.

If you have Longoria on any of your fantasy teams, hold on to him. If you are in a keeper league, I would keep him for years to come. I look for Longoria to hit around 33 homers and have around 108 RBI. He is currently hittin .254, but look for a spike in his average once he figures out better pitching. Longoria should end up with a .286 average, give or take a few points.

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.