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2013 World Baseball Classic: Notable Players

World+Baseball+Classic+2013+RostersThe World Baseball Classic has been lost in the shuffle with the beginning of Spring Training, but it kicks off this weekend on March 2nd.

It’s an event that’s supposed to showcase the world’s best…but at the same time, aggravate the pants off every Major League team’s front office. They must hate seeing their pitchers waste their arms in an International tournament.

Asian countries have had the most success in this format, but the Latin American countries always bring the most individual talent. The rosters have been finalized and we list the notable players who will play in this year’s World Baseball Classic. Continue reading

My 2008 Un-All-Star Team – Revisited

On May 7th this year I made my “2008 Un-All-Star Team.” I wanted to re-visit this, as some of the players have turned their seasons around, and some have tanked even farther down than I could have imagined. Some have grown mustaches to bust out of their slumps, while others seemed content with a mediocre year and released from their teams. I love when people say that some players are “second-half guys,” as you can see, not all players end up heating up as the temperature rises.

The batting averages in italics are as of May 7th, 2008.

Rickie Weeks – .195 – currently .229 – not an everyday starter
Robinson Cano – .157 – currently .264 – a true second-half guy
Kenji Johjima – .189 – currently .213 – lost his starting job
Ben Broussard – .159 – currently .159 – released and now currently in minors with Yankees
Johnny Estrada – .179 – currently .170 – released by Nationals
Casey Blake – .202 – currently .292 – traded to Dodgers, doing very well.
Ryan Howard – .168 – currently .235 – tied for major league lead in home-runs

Andruw Jones – .158 – currently .161 – injury-plagued season
Alfonso Soriano – .177 – currently .293 – made actual all-star team
Nick Swisher – .196 – currently .213 – been very streaky
Jose Guillen – .165 – currently .252 – great second-half
Jim Edmonds – .172 – currently .240 – released by Padres, signed with Cubs, has been on fire when in the starting lineup
Michael Bourn – .194 – currently .226 – an off year, hasn’t stole many bases in the second half

Designated Hitter (barely)
Gary Sheffield – .176 – currently .223 – injury plagued season
Jose Vidro – .192 – currently .234 – released by Mariners
Jim Thome – .209 – currently .250 – a very resurgent second-half, big power numbers as well
Jason Giambi .157 – currently .252 – great middle of the season, has fell off here of late

The baseball season is a long and grueling marathon, not everyone can sprint the entire season. A lot can change during the season, but if a player can stay healthy and consistent throughout their career, they will have long playing careers in the Majors. For those you stay injured or struggle, it is easy for a club to cut their loses and a career can come to an end.

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Manny Loves L.A.

Manny Ramirez made his Los Angeles Dodgers debut last night, and the normally quiet Dodger fans were loud for a change. Every fan from the front row to the All-U-Can-Eat Dodger Dog section, was chanting “Man-ny Man-ny” every time he was up to bat. Could Manny change the dynamic of being a regular, non-caring Dodger fan?

If I have learned something about Manny Ramirez during his career is that he has a way of making fans actually care about the team he is on. If you look back to his days in Cleveland, the team was a lowly basement dweller that was relying on Albert Belle for cheers. Manny changed the dynamic of the team and carried them into the playoffs year after year. His arrival in Boston was roughly the same, the Red Sox had a decent team, but could never win a championship, Manny helped them win two. The Dodgers could easily win the NL West, since no other team seems to want it. The Diamondbacks looked like another trip to the playoffs was a lock, but then June and July came and Justin Upton decided that he couldn’t hit the baseball. The Dodgers has a really good shot at winning the West and even a better chance if Brad Penny starts pitching up to his talent and if they can pull off a waiver trade to pick up Greg Maddux.

The acquisition of Manny made a lot of things happen. Andruw Jones is now expendable and possibly Juan Pierre could see his way out of L.A. during the waiver period. Manny might have the defensive abilities of a bored little leaguer, but his offensive abilities cannot be over-shadowed by anyone in the game.

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.

2008 Un-All-Star Team

We’re almost 40 games into the season and I’ve noticed that some big names are hitting below or hovering around .200 batting average. Some big names are off to some horrible starts this season. I have never seen a year like this before. You have your usual slow-starters (Robinson Cano) and you have your usually consistent players (Gary Sheffield) not serving their team very well.

I made up an UN-All-Star team, this team is made up of everyday players that are hitting below the Mendoza line of .200 or almost.

Rickie Weeks .195
Robinson Cano .157
Kenju Johjima .189
Ben Broussard .159
Johnny Estrada .179
Casey Blake .202
Ryan Howard .168

Andruw Jones .158
Alfonso Soriano .177
Nick Swisher .196
Jose Guillen .165
Jim Edmunds .172
Michael Bourn .194

Designated Hitter (barely)
Gary Sheffield .176
Jose Vidro .192
Jim Thome .209
Jason Giambi .157

I can slightly understand why some position players can get off to a slow start, especially in cold weather, but designated hitters? David Ortiz would have joined this list, but he is now hitting .226, which is much better than a week ago.

Andruw Jones should spend some time on the bench. The Dodgers can’t let Juan Pierre sit on the pine if Jones isn’t going to hit. The Dodgers are already looking for ways to get out of his contract, they are thankful that Scott Boras didn’t talk them into a long-term deal. They should have known better, anyone could have seen this coming from his horrible performance last year.

Also, some honorable mentions to this list include Ken Griffy Jr, Adam Dunn, and Carlos Pena. These players are hitting over .200, but dangerously close. Those three guys will all probably hit at least 30 homers this season, but unless they heat up with the weather, I don’t see their averages being very good.

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.