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reDRAFT – 2011 NFL Draft

It’s impossible to grade professional sports drafts immediately after they’re done. It’s easy to just play armchair general manager the next day. The NFL team that drafts the most popular players from teams with the largest college football fanbases, get the highest draft grades. No one is giving a team an A+ to a team that drafts interior linemen.

I recently completed a reDRAFT re-do of the 2010 NFL Draft and think I need to pump out the 2011 version. These two draft classes are quite different from a talent standpoint, but do have one thing in common, it wasn’t a very good quarterback class. Cam Newton was on another level compared to the rest of the group with Andy Dalton, Tyrod Taylor and Colin Kaepernick on the next level down.

In a draft class with Cam Newton, J.J. Watt, Von Miller, Richard Sherman and Julio Jones, which player gets taken first overall?

Which players would be taken in the first-round in a re-do of the 2011 NFL Draft?

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2016 Fantasy Football Rankings – Top 75 Wide Receivers

antonio brown funny pittsburgh steelers top 75 fantasy football fantasy rankings 2016I don’t know if you’ve read the memo, but the NFL is a passing league. It has been a passing league for quite awhile and wide receivers have been slowly creeping up higher and higher in fantasy football drafts.

Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald were once the only two wide receivers, for quite awhile, that a fantasy owner would even consider drafting in the first round. A lot has changed.

If you go by most fantasy mock drafts, wide receivers dominate the first round. Many drafts even have the first four picks dedicated to wide receivers. Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown will be the number #1 overall pick in nearly every fantasy draft this season. The position is quite top-heavy, yet deep.

Here is our top 75 wide receiver rankings for fantasy football in 2016.

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2015 NFL Team Preview: Cincinnati Bengals

funny weird cincinnati bengals 2015 NFL team preview pimpNo matter what the Cincinnati Bengals do in the offseason, they seem to always make the playoffs (at least this decade). They never win in the playoffs, but at least they make it, right?

The Bengals will once again rely on A.J. Green to make ridiculous catches and carry most of the offensive load. A full season of Jeremy Hill as their starting running back will help keep quarterback Andy Dalton from ‘doing too much’ and throwing interceptions. Cincinnati could be better than many are predicting.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are nearly the consensus pick to win the AFC North. Their offense could be the best in the league. Can Cincinnati keep pace and upset the Steelers as division champs?

Here is the 2015 NFL team preview for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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2013 Fantasy Football: Top 50 Wide Receiver Rankings

Julio-Jones-Fantasy-Football-FunnyHere we go again. NFL training camps are right around the corner and we start to focus on fantasy football. It’s never to early to begin studying, right?

Calvin Johnson had a better statistical season than Jerry Rice and Randy Moss last season. Do you think he’ll regress in 2013? Nope, not a chance.

The #2 spot is up for grabs with A.J. Green, Julio Jones and Brandon Marshall the consensus favorite to be ranked at that spot.

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Guest Post: Sizing Up the Competition

I love being able to having different voices on this blog. It enhances what we are trying to do, to give interesting takes on sports and entertainment. Rebecca Wilcox is the latest person to guest blog on our site.

The Cincinnati Bengals have a soon-to-be-elite aerial attack combo of quarterback Andy Dalton and wide receiver A.J. Green. She thinks the current “pass happy” NFL is the perfect utopia for the duo to make history very soon.

Will Dalton & Green be this generation’s Aikman & Irvin? Rebecca Wilcox breaks it down and shares her opinion. Continue reading

2012 NFL Team Preview: Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals hit a home run in last year’s draft when WR A.J. Green and QB Andy Dalton were available at the right time. Dalton threw for over 3,300 yards with 20 touchdowns and Green had over 1,000 receiving yards. I cannot remember another pair of rookies who made that big of an impact immediately.

Thanks to Green and Dalton, Cincinnati made the playoffs with a 9-7 record. The casual fan would assume that their offense carried them, but it was their defense that made them a winner. They ranked in the top-10 in passing and rushing defense.

The dreaded sophomore slump is always a possibility when a player looks good as a rookie. Teams will focus their defense on shutting that player down. Dalton and Green will both have to adjust and evolve with the defenses.

Are the Bengals looking at another playoff berth in 2012? Here’s our 2012 NFL team preview for the Cincinnati Bengals. (Ben-Gals cheerleader photo courtesy of my Ben-Gal friend, Britney.)

2011 Win/Loss Record: 9-7

Key Additions: RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis, CB Terrence Newman, DE Jamaal Anderson, CB Jason Allen, CB Dre Kirkpatrick, OG Kevin Zeitler, DT Devon Still, WR Mohamed Sanu, DT Brandon Thompson, TE Orson Charles and RB Daniel ‘Boom’ Herron.

Key Losses: RB Cedric Benson, LB Keith Rivers, OG Bobbie Williams, WR Jerome Simpson, WR Andre Caldwell, DE Jonathan Fanene, LB Brandon Johnson, OG Nate Livings, DE Frostee Rucker, TE Bo Scaife and C Mike McGlynn.

Non-Division Schedule: AFC West and NFC East

Fantasy SleeperWR Muhamed Sanu – Cincinnati drafted receivers A.J. Green, Mohamed Sanu, and Marvin Jones in the last two drafts. All three are tall and fit on the outside. Sanu is more athletic than most realize. Green will be getting double teams and Sanu will be getting man-to-man coverage. Sanu could be worth a late-round pick.

Team Analysis: Dalton and Green are both expected to keep improving. I don’t see either of them taking a step back. I am looking forward to watching BenJarvus Green-Ellis get his shot at being the feature back. I like how Cincinnati improved their secondary by adding Kirkpatrick and Newman to Reggie Nelson, Leon Hall and Nate Clements. Watch out for Carlos Dunlap this season, he’s due for a breakout year. I’m afraid the AFC North is too top-heavy for the Bengals to win it this year. Cincinnati was one of the biggest surprises in 2011, but when you look at their schedule last season, it makes sense. They beat up on weak AFC South teams and were only 2-4 inside their own division. Their non-divisional schedule in 2012 is filled with probable playoff teams. They will have a difficult time improving on their 9-7 record last year. I don’t see them making the playoffs, but look out for them going forward.

2012 Wins Over/Under Line: 8 (Prediction: PUSH)

2012 Projected Win/Loss Record: 8-8

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NFL: Early 2012 Fantasy Football Sleepers (Team-By-Team)

If you are a serious fantasy football player, it is time to start researching for sleepers. There is still a lot of off-season left, but the draft is over and most of the impact free agents have already signed. I pick one sleeper on every NFL team and give team-by-team analysis at this point in the off-season.

Some of the choices are no-brainers, but a few of the teams only have very deep sleepers. I didn’t focus much on quarterbacks, since nearly every team has already named a starter for next season. A lot of incoming rookies and slot receivers made the list.

The sleepers I list below consists of running backs, wide receivers and tight ends who could impact their teams and your fantasy league this season. Let me know if you have your own fantasy football sleeper that didn’t make the list. I will make sure to give you credit when I update this list during training camp. Continue reading

Uh Oh…I Agree With Buzz Bissinger

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Buzz Bissinger, is now the new sports columnist for The Daily Beast. He wrote the books “Friday Night Lights” and “Three Nights In August,” the man knows his stuff. He is often very controversial with his take on current events and very opinionated on his Twitter account. He made a splash a few years ago when he went after Deadspin founder Will Leitch and all sports bloggers on Bob Costas’s HBO show. Bloggers are supposed to hate him, but I kind of love him now. His latest take on the Cam Newton situation is a must-read, here’s my take.

I could lose my “blogger card” for writing a pro-Bissinger post, but the man hit his article out of the park. He has a fresh take on the “biggest non-story story” to his college football this season.

Cam Newton and his father, Cecil Newton, have been charged and convicted in the court of public opinion. Bissinger throws the spotlight back onto the NCAA, even comparing them to the mafia. His stance is that the NCAA are making millions of dollars on these kids and there are no guarantees that they will earn a dollar from the sport, especially if the player gets injured. He thinks that Cecil Newton allegedly low-balled Mississippi State and should have asked for more than $180,000 dollars. Bissinger thinks every player should receive the dollar value for how much his scholarship is worth. He calls it a “annuity,” which is exactly what should happen. Bissinger even uses the comparison that “the school is pimp and the player is a high-priced whore.” He isn’t trying to defame the players by calling them “whores”, he is just pointing out that is the role they play in the system that is in place. The school’s pimp hand is strong, but you can’t hate the player, just hate the game (NCAA).

It’s no secret that college football is the biggest money maker for nearly every school. It helps fund other sports that lose money and Title IX sports that have to be offered. I am not against Title IX, but it is always brought up when people suggest that colleges pay their players.

I have an idea that isn’t a new one, but should be thrown back into the discussion. Colleges and universities sell jerseys with numbers that correspond with players currently playing. That money goes straight to the institution and no dime goes to the players. I live in Columbus, Ohio and #2 jerseys (Terrelle Pryor) sell for a higher price than other numbered jerseys. Also, when Beanie Wells went pro, #28 jerseys (the number he wore at Ohio State) sold for a reduced price. Fans want to wear the jersey number of their favorite player. The players should get a cut of profits from their merchandise. You could either give them their share every year or the university could invest that money into a mutual fund and given to them after their eligibility runs out. Georgia player, A.J. Green, was suspended at the start of this season for selling his jersey, even though a fan could buy a similar jersey on the school’s website or all over Athens, Georgia. He received less than $1,000 dollars for it, but was suspended for four games.

I don’t know if I can go all out by comparing NCAA to the mafia or a pimp, but we should all agree that the system is broken. The rules that make up what define an “amateur,” were written before college sports programs turned into Fortune 500 companies. If the system isn’t fixed or definitions re-written, we could end up with another SMU scandal and the NCAA would have to basically dismantle an entire program to prove their point. Wait, I guess if a “high-priced whore” gets out of line, a pimp gotta go what a pimp gotta do, right?
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